These Storage Baskets will Make Home Organisation Seem Like a Breeze

Organising your home has never been easier as our recommended storage baskets will not just declutter your home but also uplift its aesthetics.

Organising a home is the key to keeping your tiny space de-cluttered. You also have to maximise space usage in order to store away your items. It becomes challenging to maintain a neat home along with using as much space to store away your belongings. Therefore, we highly recommend you to use storage baskets which can be easily used as a storage option without making your home look clumsy. The versatility of its use makes it the most popular organising item. So we have dedicated this entire article to discuss different storage bin options and how can you use them to maximise your space.

1. Wicker Eco-friendly Natural Tray

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If you are into boho look, then these eco-friendly natural trays which are made out of Straw/dry grass/Seagrass/Kouna Grass are perfect and look super stylish. It has a neutral tone which is appealing and pleasing to the eye. Also, the subtle colour gives it a touch of sophistication and class. Therefore, use these storage baskets to organise small articles that need to be placed out in the open or for clothes storage inside the wardrobe.

2. Foldable Storage Cubes 


There are five neutral colours you can pick from for these six storage cubes, which are made of fabric and are foldable as well. Use these as storages boxes to store articles under the bed or as drawers which can be placed inside the closet for a clutter-free organisation.

3. Fabric Storage Bins With Lid


This is a large storage box with lids, which is its USP as you can use it to store items outside the wardrobe. This can be used to store blankets and bedsheets and stored under the bed, or you can use it as a toy box for your kid. These storage baskets are foldable and have handles on the side to grab a hold of them and carry around. You also get to choose amongst four attractive and subtle colours, so it also looks great along with your other decor.

4. Wire Storage Basket 


When it comes to holding heavy items such as books, you cannot use fabric storage baskets as they may not be able to bear the load. Metal baskets are perfect in such a scenario. You can also use these metal baskets for other organisation purposes as they look modern and elegant.

5. Patterned Fabric Storage Basket Bins

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Indian home decor is incomplete if you do not add certain patterns to it. These fabric patterned storage baskets will add some personality to your space. The bins are collapsable and can hold small items such as your day-to-day essentials. 

6. Clear Bin Organiser

InterDesign Store

If you are an organising freak and are obsessed with the popular Netflix show ‘Get Organised with The Home Edit’ then you definitely would be looking for clear storage options. While there are not many options available in the Indian market for clear organisers, the one listed here is perfect for organising your pantry as you can wash it easily, unlike the fabric options. You can also use it for organising small items in your wardrobe.

7. Plastic Weave Bin

Home Centre Store

Plastic storage baskets are most commonly used in every household. These are competitively cheap, durable and easy to clean. You can find them in various sizes and colours as per your taste. Use it to store your Kurtis, the Mary Kondo style as well as for multiple items in every area of your house.

8. Rope Storage Basket

Little Hippo

These storage baskets again are boho styled and last for years as compared to fabric baskets. You can tuck in a lot of items in them and store them away or leave them out on display as they look really beautiful and add a personality to your house.

9. Felt Storage Bins


These boxes are designed to be as sturdy as possible and are capable of holding, storing, and organising an array of different items found throughout your home and office. You can fold them when not in use and they come with handles, which makes carrying them easy.

10. Trapezoid Storage Box Fabric Basket 

Unlike the traditional rectangular storage basket, these unique and novel trapezoidal boxes make it easy to see the inside of the basket. Its front is shorter than the back, so you can clearly see what is in the box. Use them in bedroom, living room, kid’s room, office to organise your clothes and toys. 

11. Plastic Storage Box with Wheel

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If you have any free space under the bed or a table, you can use it to store this plastic box, which has a lid and can be moved around with the help of wheels. The transparent body allows you to view the content easily hence you do not have to go through all the items inside to find what you are looking for.

12. Fabric Storage Organizer Box with Clear Window

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This roomy fabric clothing storage box with a lid and the clear window is perfect for organising odds and ends and keeping your bedroom space clutter-free. Each bin comes with a lid, hence it can be stacked on top of each other.

13. Wood Decorative Storage Basket


If you are looking for a unique-looking storage basket, this is the one. These wooden baskets are made of 100% solid wood. It with a flexible handle which makes it easy to carry and also adds an elegant touch. These are considered part of the uniqueness and charm of the basket.

14. Bamboo Storage Boxes with Lid

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These storage baskets with lid are made of eco-friendly bamboo, strong, durable reinforced stitching with pleasing looks. This basket for cloth storage makes an elegant storage solution for your wardrobe’s needs. Features inner premium fabric lining and one finger loop on the lid to easily lift it.

If you are looking into organising your wardrobes, we have just about the right organisation idea and tips for your wardrobe organisation needs.

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