Space Saving Study Table for Compact Homes

Unable to find space for an office desk in your compact home? Here are a few space saving study table options that practically take no space.

Gone are the days when you had to give up buying a few pieces of furniture at home due to space constraints. Modern minimalistic furniture designs available in so many options and styles have made it possible for you to choose one that fits your limited home space.

The 2020 pandemic has forced most people to work from home. Hence an office table that was just optional in several households has become essential now. This is why we have listed the best space-saving study table options below that can fit right into your compact home without being intrusive.

1. PARADOX STUDIO Contemporary Wall Mounted Office Table | Engineered Wood 

This space-saving wall-mounted study table is just the product you need when there is absolutely no floor space you can spare to place a table. It is foldable; hence after each use, you can just close the table, and it will almost become invisible. There are a few shelves given with the table where you can store away stationary or books. The USP of this table is that the bottom of it acts like a whiteboard where you can create a to-do list with a marker pen; hence this is really a functional and space-saving piece of furniture.

2. Kurtzy Portable Study Table with Caster Wheels & Height Adjustable | Steel Tube and Wood 

If you love to work from the comfort of your bed, then this table is the perfect option for you as it is compact. Its tabletop is fully adjustable up to 90 degrees, with three height-adjustment levels for comfort and adaptability to your preferred sitting spaces. It can also be used as a bed-and-breakfast table. Hence it solves more than one purpose. You can also choose amongst the best bed table online in India if you enjoy being cosy in your bed while working.

3. Deckup Versa Office Table | Engineered Wood

If you can spare some floor space for a study table, opting for a study table with extra storage can help maximise the available space. The desktop is collapsible hence can be closed when not in use. This space-saving office study table offers an entire office corner in your home to get the tasks done.

4. Bi3 Table Dual Adjustable Multipurpose Portable Laptop Table | Metal with Plastic Top

If you are looking for dual working space for you and your spouse, this simple space-saving study table makes it possible. It has two collapsible table tops, hence creating space for two working people. When not in use, we can store away the table. Thus it consumes almost no floor space.

5. Wood Centre Desk Series (Adjustable Table) | Engineered Wood

If you cannot do away with a small tabletop, then this desk is the one you should opt for. It not just utilises a small floor space but comes with a large tabletop that can be folded after use. The base of the table comes with a drawer and a cabinet that offers enough storage space.

6. Klaxon Madrid Studying Table | Engineered Wood

Sometimes, a smart way of saving space is to buy a piece of furniture which can be used for more than one function. This space-saving study desk can also be used as a sofa side table. Also, the table is designed to give a contemporary look to your home. This modern design study unit is multipurpose and will surely enhance the interiors of your home.

7. JGS Iron Frame Solid Wood Study Console Table | Wood

You can place this office table in your office as well as your living room. It’s a stylish console table, yet comes with a functional design that allows you to use this as a study desk.

8. @home by Nilkamal Vector Study Table | Oak

If you are looking for a budget-friendly table for the corner of your room, this is the one you should go for. With the quality assurance offered by Nilkamal, this compact space-saving study table can be moved around easily so that any space can become your workspace at home.

9. Klaxon Provintia Study Table | Particle Board

Creating a small workspace at home can be challenging, mainly because of the lack of storage space. You will not face such issues with this table as the table legs act as storage as well. Hence you can easily hide away extra files and books to keep the table surface clean for work.

10. SOS Spacewood LiteOffice Cornerstar Home and Office Table | Engineered Wood

Utilizing the corner space of the room is a great way to create a compact workspace. This corner table by SOS store comes with a small storage rack to utilize the space at its maximum capacity while offering a wide workspace.

11. WOODWARE Foldable Laptop Table | Engineered Particle Board and Metal

If your work from home situation is temporary or you have absolutely no place to set up a permanent desk, this foldable desk set up is a great way to utilise small space to create a work area. When done, just fold the table and slide it below your bed for storage. The plus-size is that you will get a full-sized study desk set up even in a compact space.

12. Home Edge Arizona Laptop Desk Study Table with Wall Shelf Storage | Sheesham Wood 

A minimalist and modern design, this study table can easily fit in the corner of your room. Made with Sheesham wood, this table is mounted on the wall and can be unfolded easily whenever needed. Integrated with a well-segmented bookshelf, this space-saving study table is perfect no matter you are creating a study corner for your kid or an efficient work from home space for yourself. If you want a study table that occupies zero floor space when unoccupied, this is the perfect piece for you.

13. Spacewood Lite-Office A-Line Desk Home and Office Table Standard | Metal

If you just need a table to place a laptop and work, this is the perfect table which comes with sturdy metal Rectangular legs in Yellow coloured powder coated finish. Set it up at any corner of your home as honestly it does not need much space.

14. Puffin Wooden Folding Computer Table | Wood

The foldable design for easy to store and move will meet your daily demands. And it is multifunctional, can be served as a computer desk, writing table or coffee table, dining table as you like. The table will bring you more enjoyment in your study experience or leisure time. 

15. BM WOOD FURNITURE Solidwood Foldable Study Table/Workstation | Shesham Wood

This multifunctional usage table is perfect for you to have an afternoon tea as well as finish your work from home. It has an elegant and simple design, which could be suitable for different decor design. Perfect size for most living room, bedroom or balcony, set it up wherever you feel like working today.

16. Anikaa Alca Folding Wall Hanging Multipurpose Table | Particle MDF

This wall hanging multipurpose table is a stylish product for space managing and an appealing product made of high-quality particle MDF with wenge finish. This is the most compact table you will find in the list.

17. GODREJ INTERIO Fold Study/Computer Folding Table | Engineered Wood

The easy folding mechanism provided in the table so that it can be folded and stacked vertically after your work is over. Thus, space can be multi-used by everyone at home. The Castors are lockable in nature so that the table while in use can be locked to prevent it from moving from its assigned place. You can move the desk to another space quickly, and the foldable tabletop along with the quality assurance of Godrej makes it the best space-saving study table.

18. TOFARCH Kazan White Study Table | Engineered Wood

This table can be used both as a study table and a console desk. Hence you can place it in your living room or passage and use it for work when needed, later on, it can be modified to a console table. It comes with drawers to store away your laptop and documents. If you are looking for more console table options, check our selection of console table online in India.

19. Coavas Folding Computer Modern Study Desk | Wood

If you are into minimalism, there can be no desk as perfect as this. With its white-painted foldable metal legs to the wooden board on top, all screams a classy minimalistic space-saving study desk.

20. @home by Nilkamal Nork Computer Table | Engineered Wood

This Nilkamal table is the one you should buy if you like to create a dedicated workspace and have enough space to store all your files and accessories. The design is traditional and offers a shelf on top to place decorative items to make the space look attractive. It comes with a keyboard pull-tray which makes working more comfortable.

We also have listed a complete range of space-saving furniture, which can help you efficiently use every corner of your home to make your compact home feel like a spacious one.

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