Best Sofa Cum Bed Options, with Cool Designs and Various Price Points!

Here are handpicked sofa cum bed options for you which we have selected considering various features like functionality, space constraint, etc!

The term ‘compact home’ is quite common nowadays, which means space has become a major constraint. This also means entertaining guests is a difficult task if you do not have a separate guest room. This is where having a sofa cum bed in your living room can be a smart way of saving space and also accommodate additional guests without hassle.

But selecting the right sofa cum bed is not as easy as it sounds, as there are several types available in the market. Also, you need to take into consideration a lot of factors before you make a purchase, which is why we have explained in detail each type of sofa cum bed followed by a comprehensive buying guide.

Check Out These 5 Sofa Cum Bed Types Below:

A sofa bed plays an important role in the living room houses, furthermore, it helps you with managing your extra guests with ease, as well as help you with your lazing moods in the living room. We researched 5 sofa cum bed types, which would be best suitable for various needs.

1. Futons

Futons are basic sleeper sofas that have a single mattress on top, which acts as the back and the seat of the sofa when it is folded up. It is actually a comfortable bed but can leave you wanting a more comfortable sofa as the seat is quite firm and unforgiving.

a. Urban Ladder Edo Sofa Cum Bed 

This futon by Urban Ladder is an immensely comfortable 3 seater sofa bed that can sleep 2. The fabric has all the softness of suede without the maintenance concerns. It is the perfect piece for your lounge or guest room that can be transformed easily from a sofa to a bed and back with the mechanical ratchet system that holds the sofa back in any of 3 positions (vertical, inclined, flat). Further, a high-density foam mattress which comes with fabric upholstery which is paired with a chrome-plated steel base to liven up your living room.

b. Furny Supersoft 3 Seater Leatherette Sofa Cum Bed

If you prefer a leatherette sofa instead of fabric and looking for a futon this one would suffice all your needs. Made with timber wood with leatherette as upholstery material, high-density foam, deep fibre cushioning, and made of finest material, this contemporary three-seater sofa is designed to last long.

c. @home by Nilkamal Double Futon Sofa Cum Bed 

Nilkamal is known for its affordable and unique furniture range, and this futon sofa bed is no different. The material used to build the futon is a high density fiberboard, but the best part of this futon sofa bed is that back of the sofa folds down in two layers to create a larger bed than the usual futon beds available. The cushion is a typical mattress kind with fabric upholstery. This is a comfortable bed but not very comfortable as a sofa. It is best to place this futon in your guest room.

2. Sleeper Sofas

These are the most comfortable sofa bed option available in the market and it also does not compromise in the look and comfort of your sofa. The cushion of the sofa is different from the mattress cushion hence you get the best of both worlds. The mattress is hidden below the sofa seat, which can be pulled out when you need to convert it into a bed. Or else, they look like a traditional couch just with a hidden mattress beneath the seat. The mattress usually is made of memory foam, which is really comfortable and can be used daily. The best part is that you can replace the mattress without changing the sofa itself.

b. DHP Casey Sofa Sleeper with Memory Foam Mattress, Blue Velvet, Twin

This is the usual sofa bed image which comes to our mind as we think about it. This is one of the best options you can opt for If you have enough space in your home to open up the large bed tucked safely under the cushion of the sofa. The mattress is made of memory foam that contours to your body and distributes body weight evenly. It also comes with independently encased coil seat cushions that deliver additional comfort.

2. Standard Foldouts

There are different styles of foldout sofa beds available. The basic idea is to unfold the mattress, which is usually folded to create a sofa seat. You need space in front of the sofa to unfold it and create a bed. These are a great option to be placed in your guest bedroom as you get a queen-sized bed. It is not such a great option for your living room as it is more of a folded bed that looks like a sofa and does not look like a typical sofa in general.

a. Coirfit Folding Jute Fabric Sofa Cum Bed

Made of high quality EPE FOAM, soft foam and fabric, this three seater sofa can be stretched as a king sized bed. When used as a mattress it is on the firmer side providing the support your back needs while when used as a sofa it doesn’t sink-in giving a sturdy feel.

c. Royal Interiors Metal Single Size Sofa Cum Bed with Hydraulic Storage

Buy this good quality furniture from royal interiors and enhance the look of your home. It boasts of a beautiful upholstered headboard and storage space. This luxurious sofa cum bed will be a great addition to your living room or your guest room. This sofa cum bed serves as a perfect saviour when you have extra guests at home. Also, it is an ideal piece of furniture for those with space constraints as it comes with a storage drawer to help you with keeping your extra beddings, pillows or any other stuff., making it a must-have. Its metal construction makes it long-lasting, strong and durable. 

c. Urban Ladder Oshiwara Sofa Cum Bed

This one is a brown colour sofa bed with beige seating. The colour will therefore add to the beauty of your house. This folding seater cum sleeper has an easy click unfolding process to use it as per your liking. Moreover, the furniture is made of natural materials, which will have natural differences and the occasional minor blemish which adds design value to your product, enabling you with easy cleaning and maintenance.

3. Pullout Pop-Ups

As the name itself self-explains, this looks like a typical couch where you pull out a bed from under the sofa and the lower mattress pops up to create a larger bed. You will be sleeping parallel to the back of the sofa hence you do not need a large area to pull the sofa out. This is a temporary fix for additional sleeping arrangements and cannot be a long-term option as the bed is not your typical memory foam but sofa cushion, which is not that comfortable for sleeping.

a. Urban Ladder Kowloon Sectional Sofa Cum Bed with Storage

If you are looking for a contemporary sectional style sofa come bed design, this would suit your purpose. Firstly, the most noteworthy point is this product, comes with a sectional design, upholstery fabric. Secondly, folding sofa bed sections allow you to easily stretch out relax yourself after a long day. The Kowloon helps you make the most of your space by hiding a guest room in the middle of your living room or den.

4. Day Bed

Day bed as the name suggests is a single or twin mattress that is placed on a frame that looks like a sofa. The frame lacks the cushioning of the usual sofa, and especially at the back. It is a good place to take a day nap. This can be used in your guest room or as additional furniture for your living room apart from a regular couch.

a. TG Furniture Sheesham Wood Backless Divider Natural Finish Daybed Sofa

Made from Premium Quality Sheesham Wood (Indian Rosewood) which is most expensive, hardest, strongest and most durable of all natural wood, this day bed is a simple addition to your living room or guest room which can seat two people and one person can comfortably sleep on it. You can use it as an additional seating arrangement in your living room apart from the sofa where you can comfortably take your day naps. This is not particularly comfortable as a sofa due to lack of a backrest.

b. Furny Daybed Single Seater Sofa Cum Bed

This new daybed seater sofa bed is a class apart in design, durability and comfort. The new tufted design sofa bed comes with double cushion bedding that is so soft and smooth that only the person sitting on it can tell you how it feels like. The sofa unfolds with unusual ease and turns into a comfy occasional bed. The sofa bed is even more comfortable than what it looks like. 

5. Aligned L-Shaped

L shaped sofas are usually palaced in a room where you have suitable space. These sofas are usually large hence can form good sofa beds. There are different styles of L-shaped sofa beds to choose from based on the area available at your place.

a. Woodcasa – Mackalen Six Seater Corner Sofa Cum Bed

This is a sectional sofa bed which does not need you to pull out the bed but the unique design allows you to just move around a part of the sofa that forms the bed. It can seat multiple people due to its large size and sleep two people comfortably. It does not need much additional space to form a bed. The colour of the couch is so vibrant that your living room will pop.  

b. Home Centre Vento Sofa Bed

We know home Centre for its furniture quality and this L-shaped sofa cum bed is no different.  This three-seater sofa comes equipped with a strong armrest. Constructed using pine wood, this sofa showcases polyester fabric upholstery and is resistant to growth and spread of microorganism and thus makes it more hygienic to use for a longer duration. It comes with a non-woven fabric backing, which becomes fuller and increases the tensile strength and dimensional stability. It has a fixed flat seat along with three cushions that offer optimum lumbar support and seating comfort. The convertible features make it multi-functional, from being a sofa bed to a full bed, with the help of a synchronised mechanism easy to operate.

Sofa Cum Bed Buying Guide:

So you have decided you need a sofa cum bed, but that is not all. There are so many factors you need to consider before you get one that you should take some time to choose the right one. With so many types and models available in the market, if you are finding it hard to choose one, the following buying tips will help you overcome your confusion.

1. Weight Your Use:

You have to figure out how are you going to use the furniture more- like a sofa or bed? If you plan on using it as a bed every day but also prefer to have a nice couch, better go for a sleeper sofa that offers a comfortable memory foam mattress for maximum comfort that can be pulled out from under a comfortable sofa cushion. If the bed is going to be used just occasionally then you can always opt for pull-out sofas. A day bed works best when you are not going to use it as your main couch as the cushion placed on it is used as the mattress as well, which would not be comfortable as a sofa.

2. The Placement Room:

The room where you place the sofa bed also plays a major factor in selecting the sofa bed type. If you are placing it in your living room, then opt for a type where the sofa cushion quality is not compromised like a sleeper sofa or a pull-out sofa. If you are placing it in your guest room, go for a daybed, which is easy to convert to a full bed as and when needed.

3. Consider Functionality:

If you are looking for some extra storage space in your compact home, then you should go for a daybed which comes with additional storage space in the form of storage boxes underneath or attached side shelves. Sleeper beds do have storage space, but it is used to store the mattress. A daybed also works great for your guest room, where you can also offer them the storage space to store their things.

4. Measure the Space:

Sofas need some space to transition and become a bed. A futon needs some space behind the sofa to convert into a bed, hence you cannot place it closer to a back wall but leave some transition gap. A sleeper sofa bed needs space in the front to open up and became a queen-sized bed. If you are working with limited space, you can opt for a daybed that does not need much space to open up as you sleep parallel to the back of the bed. An L-shaped sofa bed also does not need much space to open up as it already occupies a large area of your living room.

5. Select the Right Size:

The size of the sofa bed should be chosen based on your understanding of who is going to use it. In general, sleeper sofas work best for tall people as it opens up to become a full bed. Day beds are not that comfortable for tall people, though you can opt for large options that may be available.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which sofa bed is best for everyday use?

There is no doubt about the fact that a sleeper sofa bed is the one that is best for everyday use as a couch as well as a bed. It is the best out of all as you get a comfortable mattress tucked inside a nice cushioned sofa. Remember to opt for this option only if you have sufficient space to open up the full bed in front of the sofa.

2. Which is the most comfortable sofa bed?

A sleeper sofa bed is the most comfortable as it offers a proper memory foam mattress tucked inside, which folds out to become a full sized bed. If you do not have the space to place a sleeper sofa, you can also opt for a day bed as its cushion is made considering sleeping comfort rather than being used as a sofa seat.

3. Which sofa bed has the best mattress?

The sleeper sofa bed has the best mattress as you get to sleep on a memory foam mattress which is considered to be the most comfortable out of all.

4. What is the difference between a futon and a sofa bed?

The main difference between futons and sofa bed is the mattress of the sofa bed is hidden underneath the cushion whereas the mattress of the futon same as the sofa cushion.

5. Are futon sofa beds comfortable?

As the same mattress is used for sofa seat as well as sleeping mattress, futons are not particularly very comfortable when used as a sofa.

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