These Small Backpacks are as Cute as Your Preschoolers

Is your little muchkin heading off to kindergarten, preschool or nursery? Their adorable small school bags for kids is their perfect companion.

Your little munchkin may not be carrying heavy textbooks yet over their shoulders, but that does not mean purchasing the right school bags for kids is less significant. They still need to carry their colour pencils, art books, lunch box and other supplies to school.

Being adorable is not the only criteria you can go looking for in a kid’s backpack, as there are also several other considerations you should seek.

Make a note that we are covering school bags for kids about the age of 2-6 in this list. If you are looking for school bags for your kid who is attending middle school or is a teenager, we have also listed the best kids backpacks for older kids.

Criteria to Choose the Right Small School Bags for Kids

While you have to definitely stick to your budget, but nothing comes before your kid’s comfort and preference. Here are a few criteria that you should consider before you pick the backpack your kid carries to kindergarten.

1. Size

The size of the kid’s backpack is an essential factor to consider, as it should not be too big for your little kid to carry, but it should also have enough space for them to fit in all the necessities. School bags for kids that are about 10 to 15 inches tall are perfect for kids of this age.

2. Comfort

Small kids do not have a lot to carry, but for their own size and weight, the stuff they carry can seem heavy to them. This is why you should always make it a point to buy a backpack which is designed to distribute the weight evenly for your child to carry it comfortably.

3. Design

Young kids are learning something new every other day. This is the age when their best friend is their soft toys. As they are starting to go to school, they may be scared to be introduced to new kids. Purchasing them a backpack of their choice will not just suffice the purpose but also be their companion when they feel the need to be around a friend.

4. Maintanence

We are talking about backpacks for toddlers and preschoolers, which means spills, and stains are inevitable. Make sure to buy school bags for kids that can be easily machine-washed or at least easy to wipe and clean.

Considering all the above criteria in mind, here are our favourite picks of school bags for kids, toddlers and preschoolers.

1. DZert Lion Soft Plush Kids School Bag

Your little one will be ecstatic to carry around this Soft And Cuddly lion backpack which is not just adorable but also made of non-toxic and soft fabric that is easily washable too. Apart from the utility aspect, the bag which also resembles a soft toy will give them endless hours of fun-filled playtime. Further, the bag has adjustable straps, tiny enough for children to carry and ample space to carry all your kid’s essential items. This happy faced lion backpack has everything you need to make your child’s day bright.

2. Bizarre Vogue Cute Small Cat Style Backpack for Girls

This is an excellent backpack for your little princess who is going to school for the first time. The backpack is the perfect combination of style and cuteness, which is exactly the kind of backpack your little diva would love to carry around. Though the bag is light coloured, you can easily clean it and it is also durable enough, hence your child can flaunt it for a long time.

3. DZert Pikachu Kids Bags for School Velvet Backpack

The soft toy school bag for kids is the perfect carry along for your child who loves his or her cartoons. Be it Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pikachu or Winnie the Pooh, they have all the designs. What better to buy than your kid’s favourite cartoon character toy backpack? This attractive school bag is made of non-toxic and good quality soft fabric, which is also washable. The backpack is ideal for your little one who is headed to kindergarten or preschool.

4. Blue Tree Plush Soft Spiderman Cartoon School Bags for Kids

Kids love their superhero, and who does not love the adorable Spiderman with whom the kids connect the most, as he is one of the youngest superheroes? Your kid will love to carry around this backpack, which will make them feel stronger than ever with superpowers. The bag is made of high-quality material, which is washable as well as durable. The bright colour is so very eye catchy that your kid will love to show it off.

5. Tinytot Designer Hi Storage School Bag for Girls

This is a superb school backpack for your little princess as it will keep all her favourite school items safe. The bag is made of durable materials for long-lasting and comes with 3 compartments that make it very spacious. This bag is suitable for kids of 5-8 years and also comes with a cute removable pencil bag that matches the backpack and adds to the excitement of your child.

6. KIDOFLY Swati Toy Kids Soft Plush Backpack

The latest addition to animation fantasy which has become really popular with kids and adults due to their ultra cuteness is minions. They put a smile on your face, which is what this backpack does to you and your kid. Further, this bag is made of non-toxic material which is safe to cuddle.

7. Tinytot Designer Hi Storage School Bag for Girls

Kids love pink, which is why your princess cannot resist this baby pink and blue bag, which looks extremely adorable. This bag is prepared from high-quality polyester fabric, which makes it waterproof and easy to maintain.

8. Shopaholic Weshopaholic Unicorn School Bags for Kindergarten Kids

This 3D Unicorn Soft Toy with a Backpack may confuse your kid as it just looks like a pretty unicorn toy. Kids love to believe in magic and magical creatures, and as parents, you must already know how little girls wish to ride unicorns. You get to buy a toy and a bag together when you order this soft furry unicorn plush bag.

9. Skybags Frozen Champ Plum Casual Backpack

This most exclusive Frozen collection backpack will make any girl feel like a princess. The prints of Elsa and Anna make the backpack come to life. This beautiful blue and purple school bag has 2 spacious compartments and padded shoulder straps. This bag is not just magical for your own princess but also highly durable as we expect nothing less from Skybags.

10. MOCA Faux Leather Children’s Backpack

This chic looking school backpack for kids is both playful and eye-catching. It consists of two compartments and comes in different colours for your little princess to choose her favourite from. The back is not too big in size but holds enough to make sure that your kid does not miss anything while they are at school.

11. Indian Riders Tortoise School Bags for Kids

This small animal-themed backpack is the best kid’s backpack out there as they are ergonomically designed for kids and comes in almost all animal designs. These school bags for kids are waterproof with adjustable side and shoulders strap. Your little one will be the talk of the playground with the 14 inch backpack eye-catchy patterns and functional design that come together to make this backpack a fun addition to your child’s school.

12. Skybags SB Marvel Champ Casual Backpack

It does not get better than this if your kid loves Marvel Avengers. This Captain America backpack gives you an unmatched quality with two big spacious compartments to fit in all the books and accessories comfortably. The vivid super hero graphics and multi-usage spaces inspire a ‘can do’ Spirit in every kid. This super trendy backpack will get your kid ready for their next conquest and new adventures.

13. KEKEMI Designer Backpack for Kids

This fashionable backpack from KEKEMI is feature-filled and makes space for everything essential with multiple zip pockets on the exterior along with a ready-to-go interior with a compartment and other storage solutions. Choose this backpack if you are looking for durability and style in one.

14. AUXTER Avenger Captain America Shield School Bags for Kids

This backpack is perfect for a Captain America fan. If your kid is one of them, then carrying the shield bag will not just help them carry their books around but also make them feel like the protector of the universe. Prepared with high-quality material, this bag is nearly as durable as the shield itself.

15. MOCA Bunny Small Sequins Backpack for Little Girls

All girls love glitter, which is why this sparkly bag is going to make your daughter’s eye sparkle. Convincing your princess to go to school will be a piece of cake when she sets her eyes on this backpack, which is not just comfortable but also as shiny as your little sunshine.

16. TOYTALES Butterfly Bag Pink Kids Soft Toys Bag

Toddlers and Preschoolers are always fascinated by the colourful butterfly and that is the reaction you should expect as you get them this colourful butterfly backpack. This stuffed animal toy backpack is crafted using non-toxic materials to ensure that every single snuggle is safe.

17. A K Creation Car Backpack for Kids

Boys of this age go crazy as soon as they see anything that has wheels, and here we are talking about a car-shaped backpack itself. If your boy is into Hot Wheels, then this 3D-car backpack will definitely get him going.

18. Skip Hop Zoo Owl Pack Little Kid’s Backpack

The Zoo backpack which is available in the design of various whimsical creatures is where fun meets function. Its durable materials make this the perfect toddler backpack for on-the-go. Further, the size is just right for little students with a mesh side pocket that adjusts to fit a water bottle, and a front pouch that’s ideal for snacks along with extra pockets for pencils and other travel necessities. Also, this friendly pack includes a write-on nametag and comfy padded straps for little shoulders.

19. OFUN Dinosaur Kid’s Backpack

Not every kid fantasises about teddy bears, dolls or superheroes. There are a few of them who enjoy spending time with their spiky friends, such as dragons and dinosaurs. If your kid is one from this lot, this dino backpack is just the right pick your brave kid.

20. Ultra Felt Velvet Soft Toy School Bags for Kids

Kids love to have a pet, which is why this bag is the perfect backpack for any kid who fantasises about having a dog. The designs and colours are so vibrant and unique that young ones would always want to carry them around. This amazing soft Ultra dog face felt velvet school bag would be the cutest home for your little one’s books.

The Bottom Line

For your kid, the school bag is not just a bag, but their complete world revolves around it when they are in their classroom. The bag is the constant in their daily visit to the school where they create good and bad memories. You can obviously pick up a few backpacks that you feel are comfortable and well built but at the end of the day, let your kid choose the one which he or she would love to carry around with them every day and flaunt at school.

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