Salad Dressing options, to make it fun, healthy and cheat meal too!

Food should be interesting just like the people eating it. Make your Sunday brunch an enticing treat with these healthy salad dressing options we’ve picked out for you! We have selected some healthy salad dressing options. As well we picked out homemade salad dressing options to give you the in-house salad feeling too! Definitely without saying we’ve also selected decent caesar dressing sauces too!

1. Aamra Natural homemade Peanut Satay Salad dressing: Shop Now

Made with toasted peanuts, chili, garlic and the best of all- tamarind, this homemade dressing is a must have on your kitchen shelf. Besides, you can use it for both as a curry or marinade. So stir it right into those raw or cooked veggies and make your salad irresistible.

2. Veeba Caesar Salad dressing: Shop Now

Minced garlic, sinewy Dijon mustard coupled with tangy squeezed out lemon juice come together in Veeba’s Caesar dressing to make your day even healthier. This caesar dressing is the one homemade salad dressing that would go with almost everything you serve.

3. Sprig Alphonso Mango and Jalapeno Pepper Hot and Sweet Sauce: Shop Now

Tart and equally sweet, this concoction is created for pleasure. Both mango and jalapeno pepper dance together striving to make your salad all the more savory.

4. Veeba Chipotle Southwest Salad dressing: Shop Now

On the contrary, this one not only contains mustard, lime, garlic, chipotle but also contains all of Mexican’s grace in one bottle.

5. Sweet onion sauce: Shop Now

The loved-all-over sweet onion sauce makes its appearance on your dining table and that’s it for your brunch. To sum up, this perfect blend of onions and spices will make your sandwiches and salads worthwhile.

6. Veeba Honey mustard dressing: Shop Now

Equal parts yummy honey and fervid mustard make this dressing a drizzle you’d definitely want to taste on your salad. Moreover, it’s both fat and cholesterol free. Which means that if you’re a health freak, you don’t want to miss out on this!

7. Heinz Salad Cream: Shop Now 

The original and classic Salad Cream. The name says it all. Pick this one and you’ll thank us later for this suggestion.

8. Veeba Harissa chili cumin dressing: Shop Now

It’s a dip and a spicy spread and also happens to be one of the best salad dressings in the list. Inspired by African cuisine, this hot and spicy salad dressing is for the ones who love a little challenge on the table!

9. Roasted Chilli Oil: Shop Now 

Saute, bake and then if you want- blend it all together in a marinade, dressing or sauce. Reviewers love to drizzle this on roasted veggies. Give it a try and maybe you could then tell us about your experience.

10. Kuhne Italian dressing : Shop Now 

Kuhne is known to be the number 1 supplier of dressings in Germany. It’s free from all kinds of preservatives. This Italian salad dressing is made according to a Tuscan recipe with vegetable oil, oregano, thyme and just a smidge of garlic. Along with the aroma and a hint of spice, it’s the one healthy salad dressing you’ve been looking for.

11. Chilli Oregano sauce: Shop Now 

Scotch bonnet chilies, shallots, garlic, and a lot of other goodies have finally come together. This is the concoction that your spring rolls and dumplings would crave at every dinner table. Veeba never fails to come up with a good homemade salad dressing that everyone on the table would enjoy.

12. Farmbite hot pineapple sauce: Shop Now

Hot pineapple sauce. Do we need to say anymore? All the tangy goodness in this sauce will make you go ooh-la-la so the next time you’re looking for something sharp and sweet, look no more. This is it!

13. Huy fong Sriracha hot chili sauce: Shop Now 

Vinegar and peppers have never tasted so good until Hur Fong Sriracha’s hot chili sauce. In contrast to the others on this list, reviewers have hinted at this being an exceptional sauce to put to use on brunches and lunch tables. This homemade salad dressing is something one would love to do a little experiment with the others on our list.

14. Sprig Passion Fruit and Malagueta Pepper Hot and Sweet Sauce: ShopNow

Passionfruit pulp dancing with malagueta pepper, coconut vinegar and spices is all that is needed for an intensely palatable salad dressin

15. Sprig Ginger Teriyaki sauce: Shop Now

salad dressing

Sushi calling? Then you definitely want this Ginger Teriyaki sauce at standby because nothing else will save your dinner as this one would.

From spicy to a homemade salad dressing, from tangy and robust mustard to a healthy salad dressing, we’ve picked out the stuff that would make your taste buds ask for more. Go ahead and feel free to pick out any one of these, we guarantee you the best! Also, you may like to check out these Best Olive Oil options to along with the above flavours!

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