These Railing Planters Are Perfect for Your Standing Balcony

Do you love to garden but live in a compact home with a standing balcony? These railing planters are the perfect way to create your own zen.

For houses with a standing balcony, placing the usual floor plant pots is not really an option. It will only further reduce the usable space of the balcony; hence you will not enjoy your evening cup of tea there. If you love gardening but are restricted due to lack of space, adding railing planters is the perfect way to fulfil your hobby while not compromising the space.

There are three different types of railing planters you will find online in India, as discussed below.

Over the Railing Planters:

This type of railing planter hangs over the railings and adds to the curb appeal. You can find many varieties of these railing planters online in India.

1. Trust basket Round Ribbed Railing Colourful Flower Pots | Set of 4

Bellflowers and irises would be extremely comfy in these round, ribbed railing planters. Along with good stability, flower pots like these are what you need to provide a fresh look in homely spaces.

2. Nuha Metal Oval Butterfly Railing Planter | Set of 3

Adding colour and liveliness to your home? You cannot do any better than hanging these metal oval butterfly railing planters, which are specially made up of powder-coated paint for rust resistance, so they beautify your home for years.

3. TrustBasket Rectangular Railing Planters | Pack of 2)

This is the simple rectangular railing planter that utilises the space best, and looks need on your railing. You should measure your railing length first before you get one of these. For a small balcony, two or three of these can cover your entire railing length. You can place about 2-3 pots in ones.

4. Green Gardenia Iron Railing Bamboo Holder with Bamboo Pot Double

If you are all about the bohemian look, these bamboo planters should do the trick. Also, this railing holds two plants hence utilising the vertical space well.

5. Green Gardenia Iron Heart Design Railing Planter with Wooden Box

Wooden boxes as platers always look so close to nature and rustic. Further, if the box is painted in your favourite colour, it will just elevate your mood as you enjoy your balcony garden.

6. GIG Handicrafts Modern Style Iron Naturals-Balcony Railing Planter Stand

Metal railing planters are popular as they are heavy-duty and can hold really large and heavy pots. These are perfect for adding those large plants you do not have space for.

7. Bulfyss Plastic Vertical Hook Hanging Planter

If you are looking to hang small railing planters for individual plants, you can consider plastic railing planters. They are not for heavy-duty usage but let you add small plants and give your balcony that pop orf colours it needed.

8. VREENY Hanging Planter, Terracotta

There are no bells and whistles with these railing terracotta pots. Just directly put soil in it to plant shrubs, and that’s it. You do not need to invest in plant pots as well.

Rail Top Planters

If you wish to create more privacy in your balcony, adding a planter on top of the railing will give it that extra height needed to create a higher partition.

9. Truphe Railing Pots, Railing Planters in Bright Multi Colors | Set of 6

If you do not have a lot of space to create a garden on your balcony, you can always use these planters for your apartment balcony, which is the perfect decor for the balcony railings. Further, these planters are suitable for flowers, growing herbs, cactus succulents and many more.

10. GIG Handicrafts Metal Hanging Railing Planter

This planter uses both sides of the railing; hence you can add tall shrubs to it and create a private space. It is made of metal which means it can carry heavy plant pots. The planter also is designed such that the beautiful plant pots you buy online in India will be visible through the railing planter stand.

Freestanding Porch, Patio, Railing and Deck Planters 

These planters do not exactly hang on the railing but are placed next to it, forming a barrier or boundary. It still takes less floor space and is a great way to create boundaries, especially in the porch or deck area. This gives more of the garden feel than any other planters listed.

11. Yuccabe Italia Box Tray

The ivory box tray adds the perfect elegance your garden needs. Measure the railing boundary and order these boxes to cover the entire border. This is a great way to add a beautiful barrier if there are pets or kids at home.

Another great way to beautify your balcony garden is by adding hanging planters available online in India. This will give your balcony a finished look while you have enough space to enjoy its beauty.

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