Privacy Policy

1) Your Personal information that you provide us while using our Website or our Mobile version of the website. We can identify you by using your Name, Email, Address, Phone number etc which you share with us. By sharing your personal information you agree to the terms of this privacy policy and allow to use your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
2)This Privacy policy is applicable only to this website. This is not applicable to any other website you visit using this website. The respected websites where you reach would be responsible for its own Privacy Policy. We may use third-party websites to avail you with our subscription service. Our Privacy policy is applicable for it but not for the third party who enables us to collect your private information.
3)If you help us in collecting information on a personal level, this information can be used to help the agreed tie-ups. For instance, if we run a promotion, contest, or any event, which requires you to provide additional information can be used and made public as you agree with us for the same.
4)We may use cookies to collect your information from you. Cookies help understand various aspects of the site. It helps us understand the patterns, site usage, interests, etc. We may use this information to provide you with a better experience in terms of enabling more useful subscriptions, ads, events or any other activities to increase your user experience. We may share this information with our Business partners or third parties for the Business purpose.
5)Some of our Business Partners which include our Referral and marketing partners may set cookies on your computers, we do not have any control over those actions. They are solely responsible for them.
6) We may use your IP address to collect your Personal Information. Information like the pages your visit, the ads you clicked, the platform you were using while browsing, and a lot of other information. We may use this information to help us with enabling you a better experience and also protect our site from any problems or issues faced.
7) You allow us to collect your location information via various ways, which also enables our advertisers or partners to get the information and help you with relevant data. By using our services you al us to use and disclose the information.
8)By allowing us to communicate with email, you agree with us to send you any emails which we send. You grant us permission to send you emails as per the service you have requested. In case of subscriptions, you will have an option to Unsubscribe and opt out of the services.
9)You allow us to disclose the information provided by you. We may use this information for various purposes. We use a lot of third-party services to help us serve you better. We may use the information to help you with better experiences while using our site. We may share the information with Affiliate partner, third parties for the Business purpose.
10)We may use third-party advertising services, which enable you with Push notifications to get permission to obtain information and use your information for varied Business purposes.
11)We use best in class security services to keep your information as secure as possible. But we cannot guarantee you anything in the cyber world.
12)By using this site you agree to have read the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use and comply with the various policies.