The Best Planter Stands to Fit Every Decor Style

Plants look beautiful but scattered placements can make the space look cluttered. These Planter Stands add finesse to your home decor.

Are you looking to bring in nature by adding indoor planters in your home? Indoor gardening is a hobby many people enjoy, as it does not just keep you physically fit but offers mental stimulation. The lockdown may have made it tough to pursue this hobby, as visiting your nearby nursery may not be possible right now. You can always order plant pots online in India as they offer so many amazing options to choose from. Further, plant stands are also available online in India at a reasonable price to fulfil your gardening hobby.

1. Crafter Metal Floor Flower Stand

The elegant house floor planter stand reflects minimalist, which inspired by the classic mid-century style. This planter compliments most home decor, and furniture can be paired with various plants, such as cactus, flowers, and more.

2. Zilver Eco-Friendly Handmade and Handcrafted Cane Flower Pot Stand Planter

Here’s a great handmade plant holder available in different heights that will fit into any boho-themed space. Revamp your bedroom, living room, or patio with a flower pot stand that intensifies the ambience in your area.

3. Sharpex Plant Stand Rack Indoor & Outdoor

Made of sturdy wood, this planter can be used for multiple purposes other than placing plants, such as holding baskets and decor. Combining the natural colour of the wood and minimalist design, this plant stand can always match your home decoration well. painted finish is smooth and makes it easy to wipe clean

4. TRUPHE Metal Planters Stand

These stands are simple and basic which makes them perfect if you are looking for a durable planter stand online in India that lets the plants be the focal point rather than the stand itself. This is best if you are going for minimalistic decor. It is made of heavy gauge metal, so no need to worry about the load. Also, it is made from powder-coated metal, which makes it rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

5. ORCHID ENGINEERS Iron Indoor/Outdoor Flower Pot/Plant Stand 

Made of sturdy metal material that can hold different kinds of potted plants, you will find this basic planter stand online in India. It is pocket-friendly and helps lift the pot off the ground, making it easy to clean the floor. The surface of the potholder is rust-proofed, and it can be used for a longer time.

6. Akura Metal Gardening Stand

This basic three-tier planter stand just gets the work done and is light on your pocket. It can hold about 9 plant pots in your home balcony or terrace garden.

7. Maple Craft Golden Cylindrical Table Planters

The Golden Cylindrical’ is an ideal décorative planter pot for planting your favourite plants on tables and for enriching the atmosphere of your dining room and office with vibrations of refreshment and some serene experience.

8. Ezzu Crafts Metal Tall Plant Stand

The unique combination of vintage and industrial design makes this plant stand decorative. It’s ideal for the display of your favorite plant, collectible and picture frames. The plant stand will bring sophistication to your living room, entry hall, office and so on.

9. RM Garden Flower Shelf Modern Metal Plant Stand 

What can make your home more elegant than addition of marble in the decor? This planter stand is not just a space to mount your plants on but is a piece of architecture you will enjoy as you read your favourite novel sitting in the corner.

10. Lycka Medium DIY Wooden Single Planter Stand for Indoor 

This table top planter stand is erfect tp mount those small plant pots which you would like to place on your work desk to add some positivity to it while working from home.

11. Sharpex Metal Caddy Iron Dolly with Wheels

If you move your plants arpund a lot then you should seek for convinience. This planters cpmes wioth wheels which means moving it around is easy-peesy.

12. Crafter Ladder Industrial Plant Display Stand Rack

This plant stand has a small footprint but you can still use this to hold small and medium-sized planters. Use the top shelf to add some hanging planters.

13. Generic SZ Crafts Vintage Wooden Multipurpose Folding Plant Stand

This wooden folding planter can hold upto 3 plant stands. Place this on one corner of your living room to being nature inside your home.

14. NAYAB Metal 3 Tier Corner Shelf For Pot

This three-tier plant stand could easily fit a dozen small or medium-size plants. This brand new step-style tiers make up this charming metal corner rack that can be used to show off your favourite potted plants. 

15. NAYAB Metal 6 Tier Flower Pot

This epic modern mid-century planter that we picked up from online shop in India is a neat way of arranging your plant pots of various sizes and shapes.

16. NAYAB Iron Lotus Design Hanging Baskets Plant Stand

Save floor space by adding these railing hanging planter baskets. Suitable for the place with a hanging bar under and back support. Best planter stands for small balcony decoration and adding more plant pots to a compact home.

17. ecofynd 3 Set Centuria Mid Century Metal Plant Pot Set with Metal Stand

If minimalistic modern is your style, then these sleek planters are the best plant stands you will find online in India. Enjoy your plants at their best! Your plants will love this flower pot – the large surface area with a premium finish will make you fall for it.

18. GIG Handicrafts Metal Pot Stand

Looking for a plater that also looks like a piece of art? This metal cycle planter stand is the best investment you will make. The planter stand itself stands out and beautifies your garden along with the flowerpots.

19. Beauty Panda Teak Wood Multipurpose Plant Stan

This indoor outdoor flower stands with 6 layers of exhibition space for your favorite plants can be used for your balcony garden decoration. This cute pot rack is perfect space to display your succulents, daffodils, cactus, roses, lilies, tulips, daisies.

20. PartyStuff Wall Pot Planter Hanging Wooden Shelf

Boho style is so in now and this wall planter is strong enough for displaying your favourite succulents. Made of natural cotton, this Macrame wall decoration has been weaved, woven and tied into an intricate flag-shaped pattern, a detailed blend of pleasant shapes and textures. You cannot get a better bohemian look than this.

Do not forget to check out these cute plant pots you can buy online in India those will go perfectly with these planters.

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