Super-Cute Plant Pots Picked Carefully to Add Colour to Your Life!

Floriculture in self-contained spaces is all the talk right now. Why stay out of it when we’re bringing you some of the lit indoor gardening inspirations of all time with these colourful plant pots available online in India?

Adding beautiful plants to your home not just changes its aesthetic appeal but also brings in positivity. Plants add life to your home and also serve to clean the air we breathe. It is not essential for you to have a large backyard to maintain a garden as there are several space saver plant pots available online in India nowadays that you can hang on your balcony railing or place on the study table to spruce up your home.

From pleasant looking flower pots to railing or hanging planters, planting is everything on this list.

1. Trust Basket Metal Oval Railing Planters

Colourful planters? The R-G-B-Y combination is the only answer to make your home look a lot more lively with the little creepers you’ll be planting these with.

2. AASHU Self Watering Hanging Pots Hanging Basket Flower Pot with Hanging Chain for Houseplant Garden Balcony (Colour-Multicolor,Size -8.5 Inch) – Pack of 6  

Plant Pots

Hanging planters not just make things easy to grow indoors by taking up less space, but also look unique. If you do not trust yourself with watering your plants regularly, these planters are perfect for you as it is self-watering. Hang this inside your house or your balcony garden to add a modern touch to your tiny garden nook.

3. POTS4NATURE Sharpex Garden Stacking Vertical Plastic 5 Tier Indoor/Outdoor Gardening Tower Planter Pot

Flower Pot

Bringing about a tropical look to your living room, these tiered planters are popular for not just saving space but also protecting plants with a watering reservoir. Available in three different colours, the planter lets you mix various plants and shrubs helping you create your own mini garden, indoor or outdoor.

4. TrustBasket Dotted Oval Railing Planters (Multicolour, Pack of 5)

Flower Pot Price

TrustBasket has come up with these hyperactive looking planters that would very beautifully compliment your selection of bonsais and shrubs. These flower pots don’t just make pretty surroundings but also make pretty homes to bonsais.

5. CINAGRO – Set of 5 – Designer Hand Painted Railing Metal Planter (Maroon, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Lemon)

Garden pots

If you are a colourful person and do not do subtle then these fascinating, colourful & Unique Hand Painted railing metal planters are ideal for it. It resonates with your personality, along with enhancing the beauty of your garden.

6. Quace Planter Pot Baby Tree Flowerpot Pen Container Toy Gift – Patience Design – 1 Unit 

Groot Plant Pot

If you love Marvel characters, you cannot avoid falling in love with this character when you see its large watery eyes and especially when it says “I am Groot”. Plant a succulent or cactus in this perfectly designed pot and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to water the plant. On the contrary, they’ll do what they do best – ‘Sit still and look pretty’.

7. 4 POTS- Euro pots- Bee Railing Planters- Yellow, Navy Blue, Green, Pink

Bee Plant Pots

Since not many people would like actual bees hovering over the flowers for nectars in their homes, we suggest you these bee planters, colourful, pleasant looking and harmless.

8. Wonderland Metal Set of 2, Hanging Boy & Girl 30 inches pots & Planter

Caring for resilient greens should not get taxing. In view of which we thought you’d like to take a look at these mini Wonderland metal sets of planters. Be it jasmines or lilies, watering just got more fun. Garden pots have never looked so pretty!

9. Trust basket Round Ribbed Railing Planters (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange)

Railing planters

Bellflowers and irises would be extremely comfy in these round ribber railing planters. Along with good stability, flower pots like these are what you need to provide a fresh look in homely spaces.

10. Nuha Metal Oval Butterfly Railing Planter (Set of 3)

Plant Pots online India

Adding colour and liveliness to your home? You cannot do any better than hanging these metal oval butterfly railing planters, which are specially made up of powder-coated paint for rust resistance, so they beautify your home for years.

11. Truphe Railing Pots, Railing Planters in Bright Multi Colors (Set of 6)

Plant Pots online India

If you do not have a lot of space to create a garden in your balcony, you can always use these planters for your apartment balcony, which is the perfect decor for the balcony railings. Further, these planters are suitable for flower, growing herbs, cactus succulents and many more.

12. Planters Blume Prism Indoor and Outdoor Wall Hanging Planter (Pack of 12)

Plant Pots online India

You may have the constraint of horizontal space in your home or balcony to add many planters at once, but why not use the vertical space instead? It looks great and easy to maintain as well. These hanging wall plant pots available online in India are perfect to add an additional strip of greenery to your garden or home. Just nail it to the wall and create your own live art display on the wall, which looks like a work of art.

13. COIR GARDEN – Bamboo Hanging Planters for Balcony with Adjustable Rope – Pack of 5

Plant Pots online India

If you are looking for sustainable plant pots online in India to give your home an outdoor-indoor look, what could be better than hanging a few of these bamboo hanging planters? These not just look perfect but also can be used to plant small shrubs or money plant which can grow around the planter adding additional greenery to your home.

14. Set of 2 Handmade Iron Vase or Planter or Holder with Raised Flowers Ladybug Butterfly Dragonfly Bee Birds

Plant Pots online India

What better way to add colours and super-cute elements to your garden than using these planters, which is a piece of art. These are handmade and captures the essence of gardening with the beautiful raise flowers, bird and lady bug embossed on the metallic planter cup. It is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor decor and also makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.

15. TrustBasket Geometric Terrarium (Multicolour)

Plant Pots online India

A tiny terrarium that is geometric looks like an art piece and can be used as a planter at once. This is perfect to plant succulents that require little water as they are drought-resistant plants. Furthermore, in the flower world, these succulents symbolise enduring and timeless love. So why wouldn’t you want to own one?

16. Digital Shoppy IKEA Plant Pot, in/Outdoor, Off-White, 10.5 cm (4 ¼”)

Plant Pots online India

This beautiful planter from IKEA will surely complement your planter collection. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be placed in the garden, patio, porch, windows, tables, living room, etc. This is not as colourful as the other pots, which is perfect as it adds a certain elegance to your garden and gives you an essence of calm and soothe which works perfectly if you are looking to find some inner peace in your home garden.

17. Kreliv Bamboo Terracotta Hanging Planter – Medium

Plant Pots online India

Do you care about preserving the environment? These eco-friendly pots made out of all-natural materials is environmental friendly as well as aesthetically appealing. Made out of materials such as bamboo and terracotta, these clay pots not only support better plant growth but seamlessly blend into your space, enhancing its charm.

Designed to be sustainable and aesthetically subtle, these pots create a calm space helping one connect to nature. The Black pots in contrast with the light shade of bamboo create the perfect balance that you are looking for in your zen space.

18. ecofynd Macrame Cotton Plant Hanger [Without Pot] (3 Pack)

Plant Pots online India

If you are looking for bohemian style plant hangers, look no further as these exquisite pure handmade weaves are just what you need to match perfectly with neutral pots and pottery. It has a truly beautiful, timeless bohemian style with great accent matches with any modern or conventional style. Its traditional look adds elegance and beauty to your home and garden and will impress your guests, friends and relatives!

19. Ecofynd 12 inches Midland Metal Planter, Multicolor, Set of 5

Plant Pots online India

If you are looking for large pots to add to your garden or balcony, these multi-coloured flower pots add the perfect style and colours together to bring in the essence of bright as well as chic. These handcrafted designer planters can be used with dried flowers, silk flowers, grow herbs, fruits, flowers and succulents. These make great gifts for garden enthusiasts.

20. Ikea TSSP Plant Pot, brass-colour 12 cm (4 ¾”)

Plant Pots online India

Decorate your home with plants in this beautiful and classy metallic plant pot to suit your style. It adds an elegance to the corner of the room where you place it and the shine of it makes it stand out as well.

21. Sharpex Flower Pot with Magnet

Plant Pots online India

If you love to enjoy small planters in your kitchen but do not have space, these vertical magnetic planters are perfect for your succulents or herbs, which you can place on the refrigerator door. The unique design allows it to be placed anywhere, flat surfaces, railings or steel doors.

22. Chumbak Zen Face Ivory Planter

Plant Pots online India

If you enjoy spending time with yourself, reading a book or meditating in a peaceful corner of your home, this hanging planter is perfect. It does not occupy a lot of space and is ideal to plant a succulent that does not need much care or watering. Additionally, the planter itself is designed to resemble a peaceful meditating face that adds an essence of zen in your personal corner.

23. Chumbak Flourishing Leap Planter – Gold

Plant Pots online India

You do not require a ton of space to grow a plant, which this metallic pot from Chumbak helps you do. It is ideal to be placed on your table or for your small kitchen where you can grow fresh herbs.

24. Star Gardens: Fairy Garden Modern Design Resin Pots Handpicked Beauty Enhancer Design Stone-Built House & Planter Without Plant

Plant Pots online India

If you ever had a childhood fantasy to live in a whimsical fairy garden, this planter is ideal to fulfil your childhood dream. It is ideal for herbs, succulents indoor and outdoor plants, both real and artificial. Imagine this exotic planter pot in your home balcony tabletop window sills kitchen garden and office desk and anywhere as a decor.

25. Home Decorz Store, Set of 2 Modern Blue & Mustard Cotton Crochet Planters, Beautiful Storage Basket (2 nos)

Plant Pots online India

If you are boho style inspired then these are a perfectly hand-crocheted set of 2 natural cotton rope plant pots available online in India will add aesthetically appealing design and style to suit your home. By adding this beautiful planter to your living room, bedside or any place, you can beautify your home and feel proud of using a natural product. 

26. Tiny Green Corner Handcrafted Terracotta Buddha Head Planter for Indoor Plants

Plant Pots online India

If you are looking for some inner peace, you should definitely go for this Buddha planter that enhances the entire vibe of peace in your very own zen garden.

With the upcoming modern spaces, one would realise that horticulture lies somewhere close to recreation and isn’t rocket science after all. Garden pots and affordable flowerpot prices are all that we’ve strived to put in our suggestions. Let us know which column enticed you the most on our list!

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