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Parenting books

The only other thing that’s extremely unpredictable apart from the weather is children. We all know how terrifying and complex our little loves can get, which is why we’ve brought you twenty good parenting books that would do everything to make your job easier.

After all, every parent can agree that parenting is no less than rocket science.

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind: Shop Now

Parenting books for mom

Every genius has to have a good teacher, and you won’t find that teacher in some kindergarten class. Nurturing your kid means that you need to know how to help them nourish their own strengths and abilities to the fullest. The only one among top parenting books that you’d need is this.

Positive Discipline for Teenagers, Revised 3rd Edition: Empowering Your Teens and Yourself Through Kind and Firm Parenting: Shop Now

Parenting books for dad

Teenagers are some of the most complex humans you can talk to. They are also some of the most lost beings with immense potential and yet are completely innocent as to what to do with said potential. The only way to reach them is thorough kindness, and this book.

Keep Calm and Mommy On: Shop Now

Top parenting books

The household won’t function properly without a mother which is why she has to be the most careful in how she would take care of her kids. In a generation like ours, parenting books for mom, such as this one is a guaridan angel.

Mindful Parenting: The First 1,000 Days: Shop Now

Parenting books

Taking care of a first born for the first so many months is the most important thing for a parent. Which is why we thought this is the only way to go.

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting: Shop Now

A good environment is where parents start listening. Even when the world has put your life is in shambles, you still listen to the kid because, well, they’re still a kid. Dr. Laura Markham has done an excellent job with this book guiding parents on how they can connect with their children.

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise Extraordinary Men: Shop Now

Every good son has a mother behind him. Meg Meeker brings forward all the guidelines for a mother to raise the gentleman with a bright future.

Parenting: Innocence to InnerSense: Shop Now

This is the go to book for the parents who want to make absolutely no mistakes in caring for their babies.

Labour Pain of the Father : “Difference of Being a Father to Being the Father”: Shop Now

As far as a family goes, it should not just be the mother who cares for the kids all together but the father is to be responsible just as much. In an Indian household, with growing modernization, a father’s guidance and wisdom has become all the more necessary. For all the fathers who find it hard to connect with their kids, this book comes under the top parenting books for dad.

A to Z Baby Care: Shop Now

This is ‘the’ baby manual and it doesn’t lie when it says it’s the mother’s best companion. Dr. Mukul Tiwaru gives us all the possible insights a mother would need when in dire distress with her baby.

One-Minute Super Dad: 99 Magic Moments to Raise Amazing Children: Shop Now

The parenting book that makes you the hero for your child. Nevertheless, from them tripping down to you telling them that they always have to get up after falling down, this is the one book that you’ll enjoy referring to at all times.

How your Personality Makes or Breaks your Child – A Self Assessment Guide for Parents: Shop Now

Since the moment we’re born, we’ve learnt to imitate. That’s what every kid does, imitates what people around them do. Another reason parents need to be extremely careful in how they behave around their kids. It’s not easy to instill every single good value there is into a baby, but parents sure like to try. This book helps in doing just that.

Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five: Shop Now

Geniuses aren’t born, they’re made. Especially with careful parents who know which steps to take and how to help their child reach their full potential. John Medina, in this book – Brain rules for baby – talks about every method a parent could take in increasing their child’s creative and logical abilities.

Know Your Child: The Art Of Raising Children: Shop Now

An Indian household is most likely to be familiar with the name of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. His seminars on spirituality and how people should be living their lives has been an eye opener for a lot of people. In this particular parenting book of his, he has put forth his views for how parents should be raising their children after all.

New Moms: 101 Inspirational Stories of Joy, Love and Wonder (Chicken Soup for the Soul): Shop Now

Who doesn’t like the Chicken Soup stories? And what better way to provide good parenting tips than these short stories?

All you need is Love: The art of mindful parenting: Shop Now

 Parenting books for dad

Shelja Sen comes forward with the mindful art of helping kids through all their difficult years with this book.

Practical Parenting Tips: Shop Now

Parenting books for mom

Positive Discipline A-Z: 1001 Solutions to Everyday Parenting Problems: Shop Now

Parenting books

Not just listening and understanding your kids, but as they grow, it becomes important to show them proper discipline, the importance of having and following discipline in their life as well. This book brings about both the problems one might face and their solutions as well.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk: Shop Now

Top parenting books

As a parent might have noticed themselves pretty early on, kids don’t listen. They scream and shout and are very eager to voice their opinions. But instead of letting all hell loose on them by not listening to them in return, get this book to help you how to talk to the kids and make them talk, not shout.

Siblings Without Rivalry: Shop Now

Parenting books for dad

Another great problem that parents face with their kids is constant fights among siblings. From ‘Whom do you love more?’ to ‘Stop taking her/his side’ every parent is ready to give up on the fights at the last stage because they’re just done with it. But what if you have the guide to a golden and silent home right by you. What if you could help your kids and have peace for your ears? Find out by buying this book!

Between Parent and Child: Shop Now

Parenting books for mom

The most important among all the relations are the ones with your parents. Unless you have a steady flow of conversation with your kids since a young age, it becomes even harder when they grow up. Between parent and child would help you in overcoming the awkward talks and the difficult talks as understanding each other is the only key to a good relation.

We’ve done our best to come up with the books that would help you the most. Now it’s your turn to make your pick.

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