10 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

These kitchen tools can make your cooking easier and faster. These tools are budget friendly and easy to store hence a must have for all kitchens.

Working in the kitchen every day is a time-consuming task when you are required to prepare meals for your entire family. A few simple kitchen tools listed below can help in quickening these tasks.

1. Wazdorf 2-in-1 18/10 Steel Smart Clever Cutter Kitchen Knife 

This simple scissor knife is handy to chop salads. You need not even get your chopping board out. Just use the scissor knife to chop the salad directly into the serving bowl.

2. BUCKLE UP Silicone Spoon Rest – Large – Set of 2 – Assorted

While cooking, we tend to keep the ladle we use for cooking on the stove or the gas, which only soils the area. Using this silicone spoon rest, you can easily keep your slab clean. Also, these are really easy to clean.

3. Pigeon Mini Handy and Compact Chopper 

Chopping vegetables is the most time-consuming task while cooking. Getting the time-consuming task done with the help of this handy chopper can be a boon as it reduces your overall cooking time.

4. Power-Free Hand Blender and Beater in Kitchen Appliances

We are sure you can afford an electrical blender, but most of the time, we refrain from using it for doing simple tasks like beating an egg. This hand blender is perfect for such small tasks. This kitchen tool is affordable and functional.

5. Kent Egg Boiler, 360 Watt

While boiling an egg is a simple task, it is tough to maintain a timer to get the right yolk consistency. This egg boiler has automatic settings, which means you get hard-boiled eggs and runny yolk eggs easily.

6. Milk Frother for your milk, coffee

Are you a coffee lover? This froth makes it the most interesting kitchen tool you will find that will let you enjoy a frothy coffee.

7. KENT Hand Whisker– 150W

We could not skip an electric hand whisker from this list that helps you become a baker easily. This Kent hand blender comes with a base stand, making it easy to store away the blender.

8. PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender, 250W 

Are you looking for a kitchen tool to help you make buttermilk during the summers and whip up pancakes? Get a hand blender that will help you make these delicious items quickly.

9. Ikea IDEALISK Colander, Stainless Steel

Washing vegetables, rice, and lentils underwater is a must task. It is tedious to do if you use a normal bowl; hence getting this colander that fits in the sink makes the process simple. It is made of stainless steel hence is dishwasher safe as well.

10. CARDEX Garlic Crusher Presser 

Anyone who cooks knows the most uninteresting task is peeling garlic. Well, with this garlic press, you can forget about peeling garlic. All you have to do is just lace the unpeeled garlic clove inside the presser, and the garlic gets separated from the peel and directly crushed so that you can start cooking with it.

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