These Kitchen Organisers will Make Your Small Kitchen Look Spacious

Here is a list of best kitchen organisers available in India online to make your compact Kitchen more functional and much more spacious.

While we dream of having a huge kitchen platform along with a separate pantry to stock your food supplies, most Indian kitchens do not offer a separate pantry. Especially if you live in cities like Mumbai, where there is space constraint, you will only have small kitchen space for cooking and storing. Building permanent cabinets by using ground and vertical space can solve this issue, but it is not an option if you are living in a rented apartment. Thus we have listed the best kitchen organisers in India available online, which will give you a lot of storage space and help you stay clutter-free.

1. Over Door Organizers:

These are the best kind of kitchen organisers for the Indian kitchen. They help you use unused cabinet door space and increase the storage capacity of your kitchen tremendously.

a. HOME CUBE Multifunctional Stainless Steel Door Hook Organizer

Using the door space is a great trick you should keep in mind while organising a small kitchen. This stainless steel door hook is easy to hand as you need not drill or screw it. You can easily hand kitchen utensils on it or use them to hang your cleaning brushes. This is one simple addition that is light on your pocket but very functional.

b. Livzing Multi-Functional Compact Over The Cabinet Organizer Door Hanging Rack 

Using door space is a smart way to increasing storage space in your small kitchen. Use such door hanging organisers to store cleaning supplies or sauces and dips to create easily accessible storage space.

c. SILVER LINE Over Door Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

One of the most unorganised areas of our kitchen is the one where we store spare carry bags. We cannot discard them as well as it has multi-usage in our day-to-day lives. This organiser makes storing plastics easy and hides them behind the cabinet door to keep your kitchen clutter-free.

d. INDIAN DECOR. 28670 Grid over Cabinet Door Organizer, Bakeware Storage Rack

This over door hanging organiser is designed to fit all your baking items and accommodate a chopping board.

e. HOME99 TOWEL BAR/Kitchen Hook Drawer Storage Adjustable over Cabinet 

This door hanging towel bar lets you place it under the kitchen counter for quick access while cooking.

2. Counter Top Organisers:

These organisers simple help in stacking up different countertop items to keep them categorised in one place neatly.

a. Cutting EDGE Turkish Basket (1 x Medium, 2 x Small) with Lid for Kitchen

You can never have enough baskets in your home, and they are the easiest way to declutter any area. These baskets have a beautiful intricate design, and it is also really sturdy to store your kitchen products. It comes with lids as well if you wish to stack one over another. We assure you that you will not be disappointed if you buy many of these for your kitchen.

b. Disha Abs Plastic Folding Rack

If you are looking for a multifunctional organiser for your kitchen, these racks are a must. These are two different folding racks that can be used separately or stacked on top of each other. This can be placed on your countertop to store a few items. It makes cleaning the slab much easier as you need not lift each item to clean the area. It is also a great addition for under the sink, where you can store your cleaning supplies.

c. Worthy Shoppee Fancy Paper Towel Holder Stand 

There are no bells and whistles as this is a cheap and simple towel holder made of wrought iron and holds a kitchen towel.

d. Amazon Brand – Solimo Revolving Spice Rack set (16 pieces)

Storing spices has never been easier with the help of these BPA free plastic, easy-to-use Carousel design jars. You can store 16 spices fresh and free from odour.

e. RKPM 3 Tier (Layer) Storage Kitchen Platform Corner Rack

Using the counter corners is a smart way to use every inch of the counter space, and this corner rack helps in doing the same.

f. Egab Adjustable Multipurpose Microwave Oven Stand Stainless Steel Rack

Many rented flats do not provide wall hanging cabinets just to save money. Adding your own cabinets is an expensive affair; hence you need to find smart ways of using the vertical space. This stand is a smart way to save floor space as it uses the space above the microwave. The stand is adjustable, which means you can adjust the width and the rack height above the microwave. The stand is so strong that you can use it to store your electrical appliances.

3. Shelf Organisers:

The best storage space in the kitchen is closed shelves, as they help keep the kitchen clutter-free. Overhead shelves are great to hide away all cans and bottles, but it becomes difficult to access the items at the back of the shelf. These organisers we have listed are going to make accessing the end of the shelf items easier.

a. Samplus Mall Plastic Storage Basket Boxes Organizer Container bin

These plastic baskets are perfectly sized to be placed on the racks of the microwave stand we have mentioned above, or you can also use them to store items in closed cupboards. It is easier to pull out baskets and find your needed items rather than searching for something at the backside of a cupboard.

b. JVS ™ wist n Pick Wood Colour Base, Black

This rotating rack is great to store items, and the ease of accessing any item easily is the reason why this becomes a must-buy for shelf those are difficult to access.

c. JVS PLASTICS Plastic Cupboard Space Organizer – Set of 2

Stack your spices and items with the help of this organiser, which has a unique step design for easy visibility. This ivory organiser will add a classy touch to your daily routine for sure.

d. Callas 2 Tier Mesh Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer Drawer

This is another variety of shelf organisers which not just helps in easily accessing the items at the back and allow you to use the vertical space.

e. Getko With Device Multifunction Kitchen Cabinet Pan Cover Storage Rack Plate

Use the rack to make the most of your kitchen space. You can place this on kitchen counters or in cabinets and pantries to find and grab the pan lid you need, simple and easy.

f. INDIAN DECOR. Kitchen Corner Shelf Plate Storage Organiser Rack

Utilise the vertical space of kitchen cabinets with the help of these racks, as this is ideal for Creating Extra Vertical Storage Space In Smaller spaces.

4. Sink Organisers:

The sink is one such area that becomes messy and wet quickly as you need to store your utensil cleaning supplies there. But it is a visible area in the kitchen; hence, you cannot ignore it, so these simple organisers can help keep the area dry and clean.

a. Baskety Silicone Soap Holder, Soap Dish Stand Saver Tray Case for Shower (Set of 3)

If you use dish cleaning soap to clean your utensils, you will know how easily it melts due to excess water accumulation in the soap holder, which leads to wastage of the dish bar. This silicon soap holder drains out all water immediately. Hence your dish soap does not melt away easily. The silicon soap holder is aesthetically appealing and easy to clean; hence it is a must addition to your kitchen sink.

b. Inditradition 3 in 1 Kitchen Sink Organizer 

This simple organiser makes the area look cleaner by helping you store all your utensil cleaning supplies.

c. MG International Attach A Trach Hanging Trash Bag Holder for Garbage in Kitchen

Attach this trash bag holder on your slab edge or any door under the sink to quickly throw away any kitchen waste while peeling vegetables or washing utensils. It helps keep your kitchen clean always while working, and the lid on top makes sure that your kitchen does not stink of the trash does not attract flies.

d. OWLSTONE EXIM LLP Kitchen Organizer Rack with Water Storing Tray

Most kitchens use large baskets to store washed utensils until they dry out. This two-layered organiser rack does the task better by offering more space, and as it comes along with a water-storing tray below to collect the drained water so that your slab stays dry.

5. Under Sink Organisers:

Under your kitchen sink is one space that is not utilised effectively by many, but honestly, there is so much place below the sink where you can easily store extra cleaning inventory. These best under sink kitchen organisers in India available online for Indian kitchens will help in increasing your storage space effectively.

a. Kurtzy Under Sink Storage Rack

This adjustable under sink rack can be easily adjusted to fit into the under sink cabinet. It makes space not just usable, but it will look neat and organised. It is also easy to clean this area now.

Use these baskets to store cleaning supplies in the under sink storage rack, which can be easily accessed.

6. Hanging Organisers:

These organisers are attached to the kitchen walls and help in using the unused kitchen wall space. Make sure not to use too many of these organisers as they are not hidden away.

a. Luvina Multi-Functional Six Groups Without Drilling Hook

Hang this rod and hook organiser to use the kitchen wall space easily. You can hang tools that you frequently use while cooking.

b. Lifetime Wire Products Chakla Belan Stand

Chakla and Belan is an intrinsic part of the Indian kitchen, and this compact wall-mounted holder is the best way to store them away after each use, which can also be easily accessed every day.

c. Angel Bear Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Storage Holder 

The magnetic storage strip can be affixed to any wall for immediate access, whether over a built-in cutting board or close to the oven. The strip keeps knives visible and separate through the attraction between the magnet and the blade’s material.

7. Under-Shelf Organisers:

These are the best kitchen organisers in India available online that help in using the vertical space. They are designed to hang under the cabinet shelves to store away kitchen utensils and supplies.

a. LWVAX® Multifunctional Storage Basket Kitchen Storage Rack Under Cabinet Storage

This wire basket is a great place to use vertical space under kitchen cabinets to store cup, plate, napkin, kitchen wrap or anything you need to access constantly which needs to be handy.

b. HOME CUBE 1 Pc Multifunction Under Shelf Coffee Mug Cup Holder

Display your beautiful collection of mugs with this mug hanging rack. This hanging rack with 10 hooks can easily dry up your mugs and kitchenware, such as mugs, cups, spatula, can opener, scissors and dish towel.

8. Drawer Organisers:

Kitchen drawers, when used efficiently, can store up numerous kitchen tools, but most of the time, things get messed up easily inside drawers. Drawer organisers come to the rescue in such a scenario and help you keep your kitchen drawers organised.

a. House of Quirk Drawer Store Expandable Cutlery Tray

Organise cutlery draws with this practical and smart storage solution. The adjustable cutlery tray is designed such that it can fit into any drawer and help you organise your kitchenware.

b. Queenly Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray Cutlery Spoon Fork Storage Tableware Holder 

This cutlery storage box is well designed with an anti-skid base that can be placed in the kitchen smoothly, making your kitchen more neat and beautiful. This is one of the best drawer kitchen organisers in India available online, which helps keep your cutlery organised.

c. Fariox Knife Block Knife Storage Rack Kitchen Drawer Organizer 

Storing sharp knives loosely in drawers can be dangerous and may also damage expensive blades. This 2-tier knife organiser is the perfect solution, providing both safe storage and easy access for a range of kitchen knives. 

9. Vertical Organizers:

These organisers are designed to use vertical space more than floor space for space utilisation. If you do not have enough floor space to place a new full-sized rack, then these best vertical kitchen organisers in India available online will be perfect for your storage needs in the given constrained space.

a. HOME CUBE 1 Pc 4 Layer Space Saving Storage Organizer Rack Shelf with Wheels for Kitchen

This is one of our favourite and best kitchen organisers in India, available online as it takes minimum floor space and allows you to store many products. It has four racks to store bottles and jars. The height gap between each rack is enough to store tall bottles as well. The rack has wheels, which can be moved around easily. Place it between your fridge and the kitchen counter as the rack cannot balance well on its own and will be secure when supported. It is strong and durable, though, so you can stack a good amount of jars on it.

b. Kurtzy 3-Layer Removable Space Saving Kitchen Storage Organizer Drawer Rack with Wheel

If you miss a decent pantry in your kitchen, this organiser drawer rack will help in creating a pantry space. It does not need a lot of floor space but is spacious enough to help you stock for the future.

c. EverEx Adjustable Multipurpose pan and Pot tawa Rack Holder 

Storing your pots and pans have never been easier as this adjustable stand makes it not just easy to stack all your pans and tawas but also access it easily as you decide to make your favourite cheese omelette for fried rice.

If you are looking for more organisation ideas, we have an entire home organisation category to help you organise your home effectively.

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