The best kitchen blender collection!

Now you don’t have to sit and frown on Pinterest recipes because we’ve come to make your job easier. Besides healthy smoothies and juices, a right kitchen blender helps in doing a lot of other things, whipping good cream and blending cookie mixtures, to name some. Looking for the right one can become a tedious task for someone who is new to the kitchen but who is also food-curious. Get ready because that “kitchen blender” that you have wanted all this time is in this list.

So why dim your desire to prepare a good cake on your special someone’s birthday or just an early morning juice? Go ahead and take your pick from the blenders we’ve chosen according to your convenience.

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder : Shop Now

smoothie maker

The Wonderchef blender is a God-sent gift for the amateurs in the kitchen. Your 8 am orange juice doesn’t need to be made by someone else anymore. Not only does it help in blending fruits but it also helps in blending nuts for your holiday pie. With the perfect combination, it adds a classy look to your kitchen. Besides, the cookbook with it is just the cherry on top for this model. What more do you need than a blender and smoothie maker rolled into one? Also, it’s smooth for those who work in the kitchen because easy-peasy with an awesome blender price!

Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Kitchen Blender : Shop Now

kitchen blender

How many times have you scrolled through Instagram and Pinterest food blogs and thought about making one of those cakes for yourself? Think no more. Dab at the whipped cream and eggs and make the perfect cake- or muffin- as you like it. Your hands won’t want to leave this kitchen blender and you won’t want to leave the kitchen. Especially, when you’ll be all set to take a baking-day-off.

Prestige PHB 6.0 200 Watt 2 Speed Hand Blender : Shop Now

best blender

One of the most trusted brands, Prestige never lets down with its products. So when we say that this is the best kitchen blender you would want to have in your kitchen, you shouldn’t doubt us. The one and the best in this list would be this model at a feasible blender price. Not just a fit for amateurs strolling into the kitchen for the first time but it’s also a trusted chef’s choice in most of the restaurants.

Borosil NutriFresh Kitchen Blender and Grinder : Shop Now

best kitchen blender

Walking away from the mainstream blenders, Borosil creates the bar for the best blender, upside down! It’s not your regular machine that would mix veggies but it also comes in handy as a chic smoothie maker. Buying this would guarantee the handiest sous-chef in your kitchen. Both kitchen blender slash smoothie maker makes it an easy pick among the rest.

AMERICAN MICRONIC Stainless Steel and Plastic Personal Blender : Shop Now

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If you were looking for the best amidst a number of blenders, we’d have to ask you to take a look at this. The American Micronic not only helps grind your fruits and vegetables into a mixture as fine as your choice but also helps to maintain the look of your kitchen. Many reviewers have selected this as a top-notch kitchen blender after Prestige, not just in India but also overseas.

We did it all to come up with blenders that would suit your tastes perfectly. Try out our kitchen blender and smoothie makers, just in case.

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