30 Best Backpacks that Will Make Your Kid Want to Go to School

Studies & fancy can go together for kids because no one said that good backpacks can't be pretty- we've brought you a selection of best kids backpack.

We’ve made schools an integral part of our kid’s lives. But with every passing year, the number of books goes on increasing. Therefore, we’ve come up with efficient and attractive kids backpacks to make sure that your kids do not carry a heavy backpack.

While it is important to take into consideration style and function, you should also prioritise the backpack design so it does not strain your kid’s back, shoulder and neck.

Things to Consider While Selecting the right Kids Backpacks:

Before we get into choosing the best kids backpacks, let us take a minute to understand how you should go about selecting the right backpack. Hence, here are a few factors you need to consider.

1. Age of the Kid:

The size of the backpack depends on the age of your kid. If the bag is too small, then it becomes difficult to fit in all the books and if the bag is oversized, then your kid will find it difficult to carry. Also, the bags are usually categorised as small bags for preschoolers (12″ to 15″) and standard sized kids backpacks (around 18″) which we have listed below in this article.

2. Your Kid’s Hobby:

The design of the backpack you choose should be something that inspires your kid to use it more. If your child loves cars, is a fan of Disney Princess or avenger superheroes, or loves to gaze at stars, you can get him or her a similar themed rucksack so they love to carry it around.

3. Comfort:

In recent years, a big emphasis has been made on designing school bags that provide the best back and shoulder support so that the kids do not develop any health issues. As children get promoted to the next class, the books become heavier due to increased syllabus. The best-supported kids’ backpacks offer padded backs and wide padded straps to distribute the load equally on the entire shoulder, thereby decreasing any chances of injury.

4 Longevity:

Longevity indirectly means the quality of the backpack. A good quality backpack will last much longer than an inferior quality backpack. Good quality bags may cost you more, but it will be cheaper in the long run as you will not have to replace it again and again.

5. Organization Compartments:

As kids need to carry miscellaneous items apart from books, a good backpack offers several compartments for better organisation purposes.

6. Your Budget:

Before you make the final purchase decision, make sure to check if the backpack falls within your budget. Yes, high quality would require you to spend more, but you can always explore different brands to figure out the one that provides the right balance between cost and quality.

As studies and creativity go together for kids and no one said that good backpacks can’t be pretty- we’ve brought you a selection of best kids backpacks. Dive into our extensive options and find the one that your kid loves the most because apparently, making children happy isn’t that hard.

1. Wildcraft 31 Ltrs Green Casual Backpack


This quirky backpack is designed such that it hugs the shoulders without hurting your kid’s back. It has several compartments to make sure that your little scholar will be organised from the first day of school to the last. The vibrant colours used in this backpack makes your child’s day bright.

What We Like:

  • The bag is enough strong to hold heavy books
  • Good sized bag for kids in higher classes

What We Do Not Like

  • It is not waterproof.

2. Safari Overalls 23 cms Yellow School Backpack with USB Charging


This contemporary looking backpack lets your kid make a statement with colours. It is an everyday backpack that lets them stay charged on the go with its USB port, keeps their stuff safe with a large front pocket and a padded compartment. That is not all, it also has a waterproof rain cover to protect any valuable belongings of your child.

What We Like:

  • Has a charging port.
  • Comes with a water-resistant fabric

What We Do Not Like

Some reviewers wish that the bag had more compartments and pockets

3. American Tourister Jet 30 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack


This lightweight & voluminous backpack comes with multiple compartments & a separate rain cover compartment that makes it perfect for your adventurous school goer. Further, this backpack, made of durable Polyester fabric, is equipped with 3 full compartments to hold enough notebooks and textbooks for the school.

The backpack has an internal organiser that provides easy access to other stationery items and still has ample space left. Also, it has a padded mesh in the back & shoulder straps with a breathable system for better back support. Furthermore, it comes with pockets on both sides to comfortably accommodate a bottle or umbrella for convenience of access.

What We Like:

  • Includes a separate packable rain cover to protect your backpack
  • It has multiple compartments
  • The backpack is lightweight

What We Do Not Like

  • It is a bit pricey as compared to other backpacks

4. American Tourister Twing 30 Ltrs Teal Casual Backpack


This bright coloured bag is a lightweight & voluminous backpack made of durable double dot polyester fabric. Further, it comes with pockets on both sides to accommodate your sipper/bottle & umbrella. Also, the mesh padding on back & shoulder straps is provided for superior comfort and breathability.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Water resistant

What We Do Not Like

  • Too bright for older kids

5. Wildcraft Wiki 1 Music Backpack Purple


For the budding music prodigies, this is the backpack that should be it. The schoolbag that is bound to acquire some good attention.

What We Like:

  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Water Repellent
  • No-Sweat Backpack 

What We Do Not Like

  • Less organizational compartments

6. Lavie Sport 34 Ltrs Teal School Backpack


Lavie kids backpacks are the perfect way to make learning memorable and super fun. Super spacious with multi-level organiser and 3+ compartments, this school backpack can fit a variety of books and other items. Furthermore, this unique coloured backpack is perfect for your little fashionista.

What We Like:

  • Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and more spacious 

What We Do Not Like

  • Nothing in particular

7. Tommy Hilfiger Marble Hill Polyester Green Children’s Backpack


This backpack has padded shoulder straps for comfort, internal pockets to store your gear. Also, its slim shape provides freedom of arm movement and stability in situations requiring good balance.

What We Like:

  • Comfortable handle
  • Breathable cushion back
  • Wear resistant material

What We Do Not Like

  • This backpack is not suitable for high school kids who need to carry lots of books.

8. Lavie Sport 35 Ltrs Green Laptop Backpack (Rapid)


This classic black Lavie Sport Backpack Is built with a water-resistant twill material. It features a dedicated laptop sleeve and has rubberised pullers on the front pockets and metal pullers on the middle and last compartments. This bag is the perfect choice for your tech-savvy teenager who carries a laptop.

What We Like:

  • Stylish and very good quality
  • Light weight and very specious bag
  • Has a laptop compartment
  • Come with a rain cover

What We Do Not Like

  • It is expensive than many othe rbackpacks on our list.

9. Skybags SB Marvel 35 Ltrs Red School Backpack 


The vivid superhero graphics and multi-usage spaces inspire a ‘can do’ spirit in everybody. So get ready for next conquest. As a new adventure with these super trendy backpacks is about to begin.

What We Like:

  • Durable
  • Quality material

What We Do Not Like

  • Some users have suggested that this bag is not as spacious

10. Amazon basics Sports Backpack, Hyper Green


From top to bottom, this AmazonBasics Sports Backpack provides loads of useful space for keeping up with an on-the-go schedule. Its sturdy design along with sleek styling and also multiple colour options makes it the perfect school backpack for your choosy kid.

What We Like:

  • Sturdy Design
  • Useful pockets for organising
  • Extra-convenient storage space

What We Do Not Like

  • Some reviewers feel the bag could be more spacious

11. Skybags Stream Polyester 1811 cm Blue Spacious School Backpack with Rain Cover


Sport the latest fashion school bag backpack for boys and girls by Skybags with this designer Stream series inspired by Army. It has 3 spacious compartments, 1 front zip pocket along with side bottle holder and also a rain cover at the bottom. It will be a perfect companion for your kid to carry the heavy load to school as well as for casual use.

What We Like:

  • Contains 4 compartments
  • Made of high quality fabric

What We Do Not Like

  • A few reviewers have suggested that the bag could have been more spacious

12. Fastrack 30.36 Ltrs Teal School Backpack 


If you are looking for a not so over the top backpack for your school goer, this one is perfect. This sturdy backpack by Fastrack is not just unisex but also attractive without being too busy.

What We Like:

  • Good unisex design
  • Quality product
  • Comes with a rain cover

What We Do Not Like

  • Fewer compartments

13. Tommy Hilfiger 48 cm Red Casual Backpack


For the one who is looking for a sturdy, attractive backpack with several organisational compartments at a good price, it does not get better than this.This kids backpack is a reliable and favourite to many.

What We Like:

  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Sturdy bag with good built

What We Do Not Like

  • The number of compartments could have been increased for better organisation

14. American Tourister Turf 32 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack


American Tourister has made its name for its sturdy as well as extremely fancy, eye-catching backpacks. If you are looking for a well built, ergonomically designed, attractive and spacious bag, it doesn’t get better than this.

What We Like:

  • Tractum Suspension straps to reduce the load on the shoulders
  • Includes a separate packable rain cover to protect your backpack

What We Do Not Like

  • Nothing specific



The backpack with a well-built strapping so that there’s no question of back-aches. In addition, the colour is something your kid would definitely be attracted to.

What We Like:

  • Compact from the outside but extremely spacious from inside
  • The built quality is good
  • Comes with multi-level organiser

What We Do Not Like

  • It is not waterproof

16. Chumbak Birdie On A Branch Teal Backpack


To the upcoming and learning youth, important to know how dreams and passions are important. , so is this backpack, telling them to hold on and keep doing what they do because everything they do is going to be awesome.

What We Like:

  • Super attractive backpack
  • High-quality material and good stitching
  • The best backpack for middle school girls

What We Do Not Like

  • Not waterproof
  • Not apt for heavy books
  • Most expensive in this entire list

17. Wildcraft 31 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack (11653-Blue)


Doesn’t it give you the old, humble Samurai feels? Mountains and snow with starry nights, this is the children’s backpack that keeps your creative one alive!

What We Like:

  • Top-notch quality
  • Super spacious

What We Do Not Like

  • A few reviewers have listed that they would have preferred the bag even more if the bottom of it was a little bit padded

18. Genie 36 Ltrs Green Casual Backpack


Pop by Genie is a super stylish backpack with a fun print and vivid colours. This super spacious backpack has a padded air mesh for extra comfort and ergonomically designed shoulder straps. Further, its spacious and happy pouch is an immediate hit amongst children.

What We Like:

  • It has several pockets and extremely spacious
  • Water resistant

What We Do Not Like

  • The price is on the higher end

19. Topper Bags Men’s and Women’s Canvas/Denim 34 L


If your kid is not into printed backpacks and like a rugged-looking bag, then this denim backpack has made its name with its simplistic design and sturdiness altogether. If you’re looking for a trendy backpack, this is it.

What We Like:

  • Made of tough material
  • Neatly double stitching done on the bag for durability

What We Do Not Like

  • Not waterproof

20. JanSport Cool Student 34 Ltrs Collage Floral School Backpack


JanSport is a well-known backpack brand hence we have absolutely no apprehensions in recommending this kids backpack which is not just sturdy but also attractive and can easily become your child’s favourite.

What We Like:

  • Ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps
  • Fully padded back panel

What We Do Not Like

  • The number of compartments could have been more than two.

21. Safari 42 Ltrs Yellow Laptop Backpack (Atlas Yellow)


Fresh eyes are all about dreaming of the exotic places and islands they can’t pronounce. Let the dreams stay intact with this children’s backpack. The world map designed on the backpack is unique in its own way, likewise the batches which makes it one of a kind.

What We Like:

  • This is one of the coolest and sturdiest backpack we have on this list
  • Attached rain cover beneath
  • Spacious backpack with 4 compartments and a key holder

What We Do Not Like

  • Nothing in particular

22. Skybags Polyester 30 Ltrs Orange Casual Backpack


Skybags sure comes up with the fanciest of kids backpacks. And this one is sure to be on your mind because it’s everything a schoolbag should be – colourful!

What We Like:

  • Good quality backpack
  • Sturdy support

What We Do Not Like

  • The size of the bag could be bigger
  • This bag is not waterproof

23. AmazonBasics Campus Backpack, Grey


Amazon doesn’t stay too far behind in this list as it brings this sturdy and extremely reliable children’s backpack range. This simple backpack is one of the most popular ones in the list and we are not surprised as the build quality is amazing and also the size of the bag is apt for high school kids.

What We Like:

  • Comes with a insulated cooler pocket
  • Has good number of compartments

What We Do Not Like

  • This bag is not waterproof

24. Genie 30 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack (Paris)


Paris by Genie is a super stylish backpack with vivid design and eye-catching colours. This super spacious backpack has ergonomically designed shoulder straps for extra comfort. Further, this fully lined backpack comes with unique features like international 18″ size and happy pouch. The Genie Happy Pack is sure to become your kid’s best friend! Especially with this Happy Pack by their side, they get to flaunt their fashion quotient with a smile.

What We Like:

  • Value of money
  • Waterproof
  • Spacious and comes along with a happy pack

What We Do Not Like

  • It is a bit pricey

25. Lavie 25 Ltrs Lt. Pink School Backpack


Lavie with its chic look and comfortable styling brings this bag to make sure that fashion and function go hand in hand. This Sky Blue coloured Lavie sports backpack is built with a water-resistant twill material. Also, it features an ergonomic design with Mesh back padding, padded shoulder straps and premium padded grab handle for absolute comfort.

What We Like:

  • Consists of 3 compartments and 3 pockets
  • Looks extremely stylish

What We Do Not Like

  • Not spacious enough for high school kids

26. Skybags SB Marvel 06 31 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack


Is your kid a marvel fan? For the ones whom Captain America has inspired, there’s nothing better than this.

What We Like:

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Sufficient compartments

What We Do Not Like

  • As it has a specific theme, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

27. American Tourister Crone 47 cms Multi Color Casual Backpack (FG8 (0) 31 206)


The kid’s backpack that does it all. The printed fabric and dope look makes it all the more worthy of being your kid’s companion to school. Similarly, its sturdy built makes it all the parents favourite too as they can rest assured that the bag is long-lasting.

What We Like:

  • Several compartments with internal organiser
  • Pockets on both sides to accommodate your sipper/bottle & umbrella for ease of organising

What We Do Not Like

  • White in colour hence may get dirty soon. Easy to wash though, as it is made of polyester.

28. American Tourister Player 28 Ltrs Teal Casual Backpack 


Take your kids craze for cricket to the next level with this cricket-themed print backpack so that they get to show off your passion for the sport!

What We Like:

  • Lightweight & voluminous 
  • Durable

What We Do Not Like

  • Fewer compartments

29. Disney Frozen Sisters Forever 30 Ltrs 41 Cms Bluish Green School Bag/Backpack with Trolley


This Frozen attractive school bag by Disney is tailored, keeping in mind kid’s hectic school workload. It is so spacious, trendy and attractive that your school going children will love to carry. This kids backpack is not only superior in quality and finish but also very durable, affordable to prevent backaches in children. The trolley school bag has been specifically made for the purpose of hassle-free carriage of books by young children.

What We Like:

  • Comes with a trolley to make carrying the bag easier

What We Do Not Like

  • The design may not be suitable for boys

30. Wildcraft 35 Ltrs Black and Mel Backpack (WC 5 Dare)


If your kid is the tough kind and wishes to showcase the same to his or her entire classroom, this lion printed backpack definitely does justice to this image. Apart from its solid look, this bag comes with 3 compartments to keep things organised and also a haul loop to easily grab your bag.

What We Like:

  • Built for rough and tough use
  • Waterproof and lightweight

What We Do Not Like

  • A bit pricey

Are these backpacks too big for your tiny tots? Check out the collection of small backpacks for pre-schoolers instead.

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