Quirky and Classic Jewellery Storage Ideas for Your Collection

A collection of varieties of jewellery organiser boxes to store away your valuable accessories neatly and safely.

Do you love buying new jewellery but unsure about how to store them, as the pile of the pair of earrings you own is only getting bigger? Well, you are not alone. Most women collect pieces of jewellery their entire lifetime, and the clutter only increases. Here are a few jewellery organiser box options you can check, a few of the quirky and the rest classy, as per your taste.

1. Leather Jewellery Storage Box Organizer

Owning a leather jewellery box is a muted way to showcase your elegant taste. They are not just classy but stylish and look neat. You can never go wrong with a good quality leather accessory organiser.

2. Velvet Organisers

The feeling of laying your valuable jewellery on a velvet cushion is unique and is a royal way of giving your jewellery much-needed care. Not just that, a cushioned surface protects the stones from any possible scratches; hence they maintain their shine.

3. Drawer Jewellery Organisers

If you decide to keep your jewellery out of sight from others, storing it in the dresser drawer is a great idea. Instead of using a closed jewellery organisation box, you can use drawer organisers for storing jewellery to keep it clutter-free.

4. Compartmentalize

5. Wooden Jewellery Box

What can be classier than getting a wooden jewellery organiser box to store away your favourite pendant or arrange your bangle sets? These wooden organisers come in various sizes, shapes and types. Pick one that suits your dresser better.

6. Tiered Jewellery Organisers

If you are looking for a space-saving organisation idea, a tiered jewellery organisation is a great option you can explore. This utilises vertical space efficiently and also lets you store maximum jewellery possible in small surface space.

7. Display Your Collection

Keeping your daily wear jewellery on display is a great idea, as you can easily pick the one you feel like wearing today and head out. Nevertheless, make sure not to use these organisers for storing ornaments and accessories you do not use that frequently as there is a chance of discolouration.

8. Tray Jewellery Organisers

It is not necessary for you to buy only a jewellery organiser to store away your valuable accessories. You can also use beautiful ceramic or metallic dishes to just dish out your collection.

9. Travel Jewellery Box

Carrying your jewellery safely when you travel is essential. You may give the baggage in check-in during your flight, and if you store your jewellery in that travel luggage, rough baggage handling by the airport personnel may damage your jewellery if not stored properly. Hence getting a compact and safe travel jewellery organiser is essential.

Looking for more home organisation ideas? We have an entire section of such quirky and effective organisation ideas curated just for you.

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