Balcony Garden Decor Ideas- Create Your Own Zen Space

Looking to create your own Zen space? Check out our quirky Indian balcony garden decoration ideas to build your own oasis.

While you live in the hustle-bustle of the city, you may want to take a break and go on a quiet holiday to stay away from all the work stress. Well, with most people leading busy lives nowadays, it becomes nearly impossible to take so many breaks, which is why create your own mini sanctuary in your home with the help of these Indian balcony garden decoration ideas.

If you live in a standalone home, you always have the space to use your garden and revamp it to create a nook for yourself. But if you live in a flat, then you may not have that additional space. Modern homes are quite compact, with no extra space to spare to create a quiet little corner of yours. This means you do not have an entire garden to yourself, but you can always use the balcony space to build a mini garden of yours to create Zen space of your own.

Here are a few design concepts that will help transform a small balcony into a beautiful balcony garden where you will love to spend time alone reading a book, working from home or coffee time with your spouse.

1. Home furniture Sheesham Wooden Patio Foldable Chair and Round Table for Balcony Garden

Creating a seating area is a must if you wish to spend sometime in your balcony garden. As we are talking about a compact balcony space, adding too large seating space may not be feasible. This ethnic Sheesham wood foldable table and chair set is the perfect addition to a small space. It does not occupy much of the balcony space and can be folded and kept aside easily when not in use.

2. IRA Furniture HANKO 2 Seater Garden Bench Cotton-Padded Low Back Cushion

If you are looking to sit in your balcony garden for a few hours comfortably and enjoy the space, this cotton padded cushion can be placed on the balcony floor. Just throw some back pillows on it and it forms a beautiful outdoor seating area.

3. Cite Leaf Swing Chair(White and Blue) with Stand

Enjoy the outdoors with calmness as you recline with ease on this swing chair. This does not just add comfort but also elevates your balcony garden look to an another level.

4. Yellow Weaves™ High-Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Balcony

You obviously cannot grow real grass on your balcony floor. This does not mean you cannot make it feel like a garden. This artificial grass feels as soft as real grass under your feet. Covering your balcony floor with this will give you a real garden like feel.

5. Go Hooked Artificial Expandable Grass Fence 

The concept of vertical gardening is quite popular in a small space. This realistic green artificial grass with closely compacted leaves will make you feel closer to nature.

6. ExclusiveLane Terracotta Handpainted Bird Feeder

What can bring you more joy than watching a bunch of birds quenching their hunger and thirst in your mini garden? This bird feeder is a perfect addition to your mini balcony garden as it compliments the aesthetics and lets you enjoy the sight of beautiful birds, just like in a true garden.

7. Indigifts Family Quote Printed Wooden Door Wall Hanging

Sometimes a simple quote can lift up your mood and this colourful wooden wall hanging does the same for you.

8. Wonderland Resin Rabbit Animal Statue Garden Planter

No garden is complete without the addition of plants. Adding such decorative plant pots available online in India to your garden will let you enjoy the true essence of gardening.

9. Futurekart Colorful Flying Butterfly On Stick Model Home Garden Lawn Ornament

Add some fine ornament to decorate your beautiful garden pots. The butterfly garden ornament is made of resin and iron, and the wings will flap up and down when breeze comes making your garden more lively.

10. Asian Hobby Crafts Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

The dreamcatcher is a protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. Installing this beautiful dreamcatcher will absorb the negative thoughts and radiate positive ones. Additionally, it also enhances your garden’s look and is a perfect addition to our list of Indian balcony garden decoration ideas.

11. PARADIGM PICTURES Fengshui Wind Chimes for Home Balcony

Draw in positive energy with this Feng Shui wind chime which produces a sound that radiates positive vibrations which is essential to enjoy a relaxing time. The chimes are really heavy, which means it is perfect for outdoor winds.

12. Global Grabbers Polyresin Table Top Indoor Outdoor Water Fall Fountain with Led Lights 

Water is an essential element that allows life to exist. The sound of flowing water is always soothing. While you cannot install a full sized fountain in your balcony, a miniature water feature can also do the trick.

If you are looking for more compact home decor ideas, we have an entire section dedicated to this so that compact home owners can also live their large dreams.

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