These Home Office Desks Will Inspire You to Work From Home

Looking for the best home office desk that will inspire you to work from home during the pandemic? Here are all the types of desks explained.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire globe, it has forced most of us to work from home in order to maintain social distancing. The situation does not seem to be getting better and working from home has become the new normal. This is the reason why it gets essential to set up a home office desk to work comfortably as well as to create a work zone at home for increased productivity.

As different households can accommodate different types of desk based on the space available, the area where the desk will be placed and the design taste of each individual. We have listed below different table types for you to choose from based on your personal preference. 

1. Writing Desk

A writing desk is the simplest form of a study desk, which has a straightforward surface that allows you to sit at the desk and do your work. It is a simple clutter-free desk without too many drawers or racks. The original writing desk actually does not contain even a single drawer, but with time things have modified a bit and though modern writing desks are still simplistic, they have one or two drawers to hide away all the cutter. There are several styles of writing desk to choose from and you can easily find a home office writing desk that fits your taste.

a. Decornation Zane Wooden Writing Desk

Zane office table is designed to offer ease of working at your home as this table is really compact, which does not take much space but also can easily accommodate all your office essentials. Besides this, you also get a drawer which allows you to keep your keyboard, magazines, books etc inside it. The tabletop is made of MDF material which is very smooth and durable and does not damage easily. The top is mounted on four sturdy wooden legs made from solid wood and offer stability to the entire table. The base of this table also allows you to rest your legs on it while working, so you feel relaxed and comfortable and enjoy your work. This home office desk is ideal to be used as a writing table, computer desk, study desk, etc.

b. G Fine Furniture Wooden Writing Study Desk | Sheesham Wood

If you are looking for a writing table that does not really look like the usual study table, then this piece of furniture may be the best option for you. It has the simplicity of a writing home office desk which comes with two drawers which seems to be just right to help you remain clutter-free.

c. TG Furniture Solid Lyon Writing Table with Storage | Sheesham Wood

Are you looking for a desk with a contemporary look to be used for multi-tasking? This Lyon writing table is the perfect fit for you. Starting from sipping your morning coffee to checking your Mails and working on your laptop, this table can be used to do it all. You also get space to arrange books if you are interested in creating a mini-library for yourself and a space to read the books.

d. SOS Spacewood LiteOffice Eco Desk Office Table | Engineered Wood (Persian Walnut)

Looking for the true version of a writing desk that offers a simple design and is strong, durable and tough? The Eco Desk is truly an economical choice which needs a simple DIY installation to achieve a work environment within the comfort of your home. The table-top is made of a pre-laminated board with PVC edge-banding supported on square pipe legs in a powder-coated finish to give it a modern look.

2. Credenza desk

As the name suggests, these desks come along with a credenza cupboard. If you do not have space for setting up an office corner in your rooms and need to work in the dining area, this furniture will help create a home office workspace but will not look out of the place too. Remember, this only works if you have enough space in your dining or living area to hold one.

a. Aprodz Mango Wood Kaleva Study Desk for Home | Mango Wood

The Kaleva desk design has been around for quite some time and is perfect for a traditional home. It comes in a deep, warm cherry colour and rubbed black finish. They have a refined elegance with traditional lines and movements with modern functionality. Kaleva credenza features 2 framed glass doors that each enclose 2 adjustable glass shelves, and an accent light mounted in the top panel. The desk has plenty of storage space with ventilation cutouts and wiring access so you can create a comfortable workspace.

3. Hutch Desk

This is also a type of credenza desk but a little different as the latter is only used to place living or dining area items. The Hutch desk is basically a set of shelves placed on top of a lower table unit. This gives you more space to store away your books or other items. If you are looking to create a study area in your room, then this table will be the perfect addition to your home.

a. Home Centre Quadro Study Desk – Walnut

A perfect choice for your living space, this desk from the home centre is fitted with storage and drawer which enhances its practical design. A contemporary study table that comes with a sit, stock and display feature, making it a versatile addition to your already beautiful home.

b. Home Centre Arlington Freestanding Study Desk | Wood

Your books have a new address with this study desk that has been crafted from fine quality wood with veneer finish. The spacious design allows you to keep your study materials with ease. Take a note that the three units displayed here are separate. If you wish to get additional book units as displayed here, you can order it separately to get a complete reading corner.

c. DeckUp Aries Ladder Study Desk | Engineered Wood (Dark Wenge)

Ladder study desks are perfect if you do not have a lot of floor space and wish to use the vertical space instead. This desk made of engineered wood and melamine laminate adds a high-end impact to the overall look.

4. Computer Desk

This type of desk has been around for years. It goes back to the time when we used to have a bulky desktop with keyboard mouse and a big CPU. The modern computer table although has become compact, but it still comes with a keyboard tray that slides out when in use.

a. BLUEWUD Mallium Computer Table Desk | Engineered Wood

The Mallium computer desk is an exclusive and multipurpose study table, which is a sleek modular table to have at your home. It features one side storage shelves to perfectly organize your books, stationery, novels & other study accessories and a keyboard slider shelf for those who wish to use it as a PC or laptop table.

b. Purple Furniture Elite Computer Table | Particle Board

The ‘Elite Computer Table’ is optimally designed to fulfil the basic purpose of having a computer table at your home or office. The Height, Width and Depth dimensions of the table are carefully set to suit all customer needs, including those who have limited space for a computer table. You can easily place your printer and speakers, as well, as this table is designed specifically for placing the computer and its accessories.

c. KAP Computer Table for Living Room | Sheesham Wood

Now, this Sheesham wood tale is the perfect combination of functionality and elegance. If you are looking for a computer table that has a keyboard tray that also looks fine, this beautifully designed desk is your answer.

5. Floating desk

If you want to keep your floor space open and clutter-free, a floating desk is the perfect fit. This desk basically is attached to the wall so that it does not consume unnecessary floor space. If your room is already crowded with furniture, this type of home office desk will not overwhelm the room with heavy furniture further.

a. INVISIBLE BED Folding Wall Mounted Foldable Study Desk | Wood

This artistic piece of furniture is high on style and is totally spacious to cater to all your needs. This stunning multipurpose furniture reflects the current hot trending designs to keep your home decor up to date. The colour of the furniture is blended and gives it a more modern look and is perfect with all kinds of decor. This fold-able study desk is sleek and can be used as a multipurpose shelf/table in your living space.

c. BLUEWUD Reynold Wall Mount Laptop Table with Drawer | Engineered Wood

Bluewud Reynold is unique wall mounted study table which you can install to keep your floor space free. Made of high quality engineered wood with matte finishing, it will enhance your interiors and ranks high on both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

6. Movable Desk

If you like to work next to the window or do not have space for a permanent study desk, a movable desk that comes with wheels can do the trick. It comes in various designs that can be used as a work desk when you need it else can be converted to a utility table or a side table.

a. Hoffice Movable Home Office Desk | Engineered Wood

What we like about this movable table is it does not look like a study or an office desk. The design is such that it can be used as a side table in your living space or bedroom. The table can be converted into a work table anytime. This is ideal for people who like to work from the cosiness or their bed or sofa.

b. Nilkamal Leo Computer Trolley/Table | MDF (Black/Walnut)

This looks like a mini version of the computer table which comes with wheels. You can keep it fixed in the corner of a room or move around to any area of your home where you wish to work. The table does not offer any storage, as its main purpose is to provide a compact movable workspace.

7. Hideaway Desk

These are furniture pieces that also has a table platform which can be hidden when not in use. This desk type comes in various types and you can order one based on the space or room where you will place it.

a. Corazzin Furniture Wooden Folding Wall Mounted Study Table | Teak Finish

If you live in a compact home, you may need to install multipurpose furniture and this is one of the best tables you can buy. The table is wall mounted and foldable hence keeps the area clutter free. It can be used as a dining table as well as a study desk, which means you need not buy two different furnitures which is perfect for small apartments.

b. Porash Furniture Work Station for Home | Sheesham Wood (Honey Finish)

This study table combiners classic and contemporary design to create a beautiful and functional work space. The table top is foldable and can be closed so hideaway all the clutter after you finish your work.

c. Furniseworld Study Table with 9 Drawer for Home | Sheesham Wood

This is a traditional design that is meant to be placed in your bedroom. We can call it chest of drawers cum table and it is a dual function furniture. If you do not have space to place a separate table, replace your chest of drawers with this furniture which can has a foldable table top when you wish to work.

d. Spacewood Winner Study Table | Engineered Wood (Walnut Rigato)

Spacewood Study Table Winner in Walnut Rigato colour is an artistically designed study table with plenty of storage space will fit right in any room of your home. The table has several shelves to store books and stationary, and an adjustable top which can be opened when needed. The table also has 3 closed cabinet with openable doors to keep important files and documents.

8. Fold and Store Desk

If you are looking for a decent sized study desk but do not have adequate area to place it, a fold and store desk can be the answer. You can assemble it anywhere in the house and store away when not in use.

a. Livzing Multipurpose Foldable Study Desk Portable | Environmental Wood

As space is the major constraints nowadays in a modern home, this multipurpose folding table solves that concern as it can be easily folded and stored under the bed. The tabletop is made with environmental wood with a glossy finish, which gives an elegant look to your drawing room or workspace.

b. InnoFur Meleti Folding Portable Laptop Table | Pre-laminated MDF

If you are looking for a fold and store table with additional space, then you may prefer this table as it has an additional rack where you can put books and other stuffs like table lamp, coffee mugs without disturbing your work while using the table. 

9. Executive Desk

An executive desk is often a large and even over sized piece of furniture that consumes a lot of space. Executive desks are the mack-daddies of desks with large desk top space, lots of drawers, plenty of shelf space for shelving all of your reference books, space for a printer, filing drawers, and most likely, even spaces or nooks built-in to place some decor pieces. These desks are often so large that they are paired with large leather executive desk chairs. For a commanding look to your home office, if you have the space to house one of these beautiful office set-ups, these can be a great way to have all you need and want at your fingertips when working from home.

a. Corazzin Furniture Executive Desk | Sheesham Wood (Honey Finish)

b. AGASVI Montauk Home Office Desk Study Table | Solid Rosewood, Espresso Brown

This rustic style sleek looking table with multiple storage space and drawers that comes along with a large workspace is the appropriate executive desk that can fit into your home office space.

c. Ganpati Arts Jesphr Wooden Executive Desk | Solid Sheesham Wood

Who says executive tables need to look traditional? This contemporary desk is a beautiful addition to your home, which comes with additional detached drawers that can be used along with the table or as a separate furniture altogether.

10. Corner Table

As the name suggests, if you wish to place the furniture in the corner of a room, this type of table is designed for that. The design of the table would be such that it lets you utilize the corner space efficiently. It truly gives the corner of the room a home office feel.

a. Aprodz Duane Large L-Shaped Desk Corner Desk | Engineered Wood (White Oak)

This is a simple study desk which is sturdy and can be placed in the corner of the room. There are no bells and whistles here as it has no shelves or drawers.

b. Home Centre Alaska Corner Desk | Engineered Wood

Made from MDF with high gloss, the pristine white detailing gives it an ethereal look for modern design. A pin-up board for important notes, open shelves above, closed drawers below and leg space to stretch out this table offers it all. Further,, it contains a compartment to hold magazines and newspapers hence perfect for living room, bedroom and study room.

c. The Attic Illinoi Study Table | Rosewood

This wooden side table offers what you can see here. A simple corner table with drawers and shelves for storage. The home office desk makes sure that you get the feel of working in an office but offers a stylish design to match your overall home aesthetics.

11. Pedestal Desk

If you need to store numerous files, papers, or books, this type of desk which uses shelves as the desk legs is a great idea to use every inch of the workspace.

a. Kawachi Computer Desk with 4 Tier Bookshelves | Metal Frames 

We love this table as it is modern and comes with ample storage shelves. The shelves can be fixed on the left as a bookcase or display shelf, providing extra storage space, offering perfect workstation for your work or study and also to maximise your space.

b. Woodlab Wooden Office Home Computer Table | Sheesham Wood

This sturdy and solid Sheesham wood home office desk is ergonomically designed, which also saves space. The beautiful wooden style design is perfect integration with your room environment and its contrasting colours will uplift your mood when you work. The large writing desk allows you to spread out comfortably, you can reach easily reference books or files you need during your work time.

12. Dual Worksation Desk

As most offices have issued work from home, you and your spouse may both need to work at the same time. Instead of getting two different study tables, you can always get a dual workstation provided you have enough space to set it up.

a. Area Furniture Dual Work Desk for Home & Office | Engineered Wood

This side-by-side workstation is perfect if you have a free full length wall where you can place this workstation. The dual desk comes with a good amount of storage area as well to fit additional items of two people working at the desks.

b. Area Furniture Laptop Table Desk for Home & Office | Engineered Wood

If you do not have the space to place a side-by-side workstation, another way of setting up a dual workstation is to place a large desk in the centre of the room where two people can work on the opposite sides. This works best if you have a small office room or a corner of the hall where you can define an office space.

13. Console Study Table

Select a console study table if you are setting up your home office space in the corridor or the living room. The console table does not look like a typical study table hence it will not clash with your room’s appeal and rather enhance it.

b. The Attic Retro Console Study Table | Recycled Wood

This solid wood console table is handcrafted by the finest artisans from Jodhpur. Further, the table is made of Recycled Wood. The Attic uses Chemically seasoned and treated 100% pure solid wood that is harvested from FSC certified renewable forests in the country. The desk space is sufficient for you to sit and work comfortably, and the table also has enough storage to store away your work materials to convert the study desk to console table.

14. Wooden Desk

If you are into traditional furniture design, then a wooden desk would be the best option. You can choose the type of wood as well as the colour. Wooden desks are expensive, but the look and feel of it are premium and exquisite.

a. DriftingWood Writing Study Table with Chair | Sheesham Wood

This Sheesham wood study table has ample storage space and is perfect if you are looking for a luxurious-looking study desk. Its rich looks and robust design would make sure that you never regret purchasing this home office desk. Also, its ample width and storage make it perfect to manage your office/study area in a clutter-free manner.

b. AGASVI Victoria Home Office Desk Study Table – Solid Wood

As the name itself suggests, this desk is inspired by the Victorian era, and what we love about the desk is that the wood colour is distressed white, which you do not get to see often. With the beautiful craftsmanship of this desk, you can never go wrong by picking one for your home.

15. Metal Desk

If you are into contemporary designs more than traditional, metal-framed home office desks may suit your style better. These come with glass tops or wooden tops, but the frame for the desk will be made of metal and look sleek.

a. A10SHOP Helios T100 Modern Home Office Desk | Metal Frame and Engineered Wood Top

Helios metal-framed study desk delivers simplistic and contemporary look to your home office. The sleek metal frame and premium Engineered wood finish top give a modern as well as elegant appearance.

b. Tablewala Home/Office Table | Engineered Wood Top and Stainless Steel Legs

Made of solid Engineered wood and stainless steel leg with a middle support bar to avoid sagging & wobbling this table is just right for minimalists who want their workspace to have a clean look. The tabletop covered with glossy white laminates to give a premium feel. The table contains rectangle stainless steel legs to provide better weight handling and a modern look around your work area.

Sit Stand Desk

People are getting more and more health-conscious, and we know hitting the gym is a risky choice now. Workout at home may not be enough to maintain healthy physic which is why remaining active the entire day is your only choice. But if your work involves sitting at a desk for hours, this type of desk that can be height adjusted so that you can stand and work at times is the best way to make sure that you get the needed exercise to remain fit.

Lumi Brateck Single Motor Electric Height Adjustable Desk | Metal

There are several manual sit-stand desk options available, but to work without any distractions, an electrical height adjustable desk is the best option. The easy-to-use press controller makes the height adjustment easy. Also, its strong lifting power with the low noise level and 3 memory settings make it one of our favourite sit-stand desk available in the market.

If you have space constraints, then check out our space saving study tables to fit into your small home workspace.

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