Chic Console Tables to Elevate Your Living Room Decor

Choose the right Console Table online in India that fits your space as well as your needs. Browse through our list of functional tables.

A console table is a piece of furniture that has been used in Indian homes for ages to display various artworks or storage, but we have never really bothered to learn its name. Recently, as the home decor has become a commonly used word in households, we have brought to you the most versatile console table designs available online in India to display your collectables. We have handpicked each of the tables to meet different tastes and functionality.

1. G Fine Furniture Console Table for Living Room | Acacia Wood

This console table showcases a design which is the right mix of mid-century and modern contemporary style. The tapered legs draw your eyes towards the furniture and the drawer design adds a different dimension to the table. The table is not just for displaying your artwork, but also extremely functional as you get to store items in it. The design is such that you can also use it as a writing desk.

Place it in the entryway, hall room, passage or the bedroom as it is a multifunctional console table that would enhance the look of any space it is placed in.

2. Furniselan Console Centre Table for Hall Living Room | Sheesham Wood 

As simplicity and minimalism are in, this console table that you can buy online in India does exactly the same for you, It is crafted with Sheesham wood, which means it is not just beautiful to look at but also durable. You can also use this as a writing table, or a console table in any corner of your home to add the elegance it has been missing for years.

3. The Attic French Console Table | Wood (Natural and White)

This classic vintage French console table adds a softer look to your home. Placing it at the entryway is definitely going to make your guests feel welcomed. Also, we love the fact that it will age over time, just like any natural material. Natural solid wood has characteristics which include knots, variations in grain, and colour differences which adds on to its elegance.

4. Shilpi Handmade Beautiful Design Decor Console Royal Look Table in Melamine Finish | Rosewood 

Handcrafted by skilled artisans with premium finishing this table looks amazing in your home, as it is crafted in ethnic designs. Made of high-quality Sheesham solid wood with the natural wood polishing India by artisans using traditional ways, this is only going to elevate your home decor. You can also add a mirror on the wall and use it like a dressing table, which will give you a royal feel.

5. SamDecors Lamino Console Hall Table | Solid Mango Wood Top in Black Finish & Iron Frame in Golden Finish

Create a dramatic impression with this modern luxurious wood and metal console table with a golden finish. The metal frame designed in a geometric manner makes it a piece of art. Also, the dark wooden top is the perfect contrast to the golden base and looks perfect against a light wall to give your entryway a dramatic effect. This console table available online in India not just looks gorgeous but is also super-functional with three drawers to store away your clutter.

6. DREAM WOODS Console Table for Living Room Entrance | Solid Sheesham Wood & Iron

Consider this sleek console table that can be purchased online in India if you need your collectables to be the focal point. The table is simple and sleek, which does not over-power the array of display you wish to showcase. Further, it offers shelves at three different levels so you can display several things. Place this console table in your living room to display your collection to your guests.

7. TSK Console Table for Living Space | Mango Wood and Iron

Update your home decor with this refreshing modern console accent table set. This console table is all you need to complete your living room. This modern glam console table is crafted of metal with manufactured wooden top. The table is low in height, matching the height of a sofa seat, and its perfect placement would be in your living room next to the sofa.

8. Venetian Image Designer Rose Gold Console Table | Stainless Steel Laser Cut with Mirror Top 

This console table offers a striking geometric base which becomes the focal point at the entryway or corridor where you plan on placing this console table. This one is definitely over-the-top furniture and if that is your taste then this rose gold console table is the one you should definitely pick.

9. G Fine Furniture Console Table Cum Study Table | Sheesham Wood

This console table is made of Sheesham Wood and flaunts a contemporary style which is yet functional. Liven up your interiors with this marvellous piece of furniture cum study table consisting of three drawers to solve all your storage and display needs.

10. INDIAN DECOR Tier Entryway Modern Design Console Living Room Table | Acrylic

For a home which is designed in a modern way, this cool acrylic table will take it to the next level. This is not just minimalistic, but also futuristic. Being almost transparent, it adds such an effect to your home decor that it simply cannot be missed or ignored.

11. Venetian Image Curved Designed Mirror Console Table | Wood and Mirror

This is a modern curve designed console table with small pieces of handmade mirrors to add a perfect finishing touch to any room. This shiny table is definitely going to steal the show by adding a glamourous touch while maximising the light in the room.

They have used high-end silver mirrors which could eliminate the reflection distortion usually found in low-end mirrors. Mirror’s smooth edges are hand-polished, not only for safety but also to enhance their beauty.

12. AGASVI Madrid Home Office Desk Console Study Table | Engineered Wood

Looking for a console table online in India that is unique in design? This inverted triangle base console table is one of our favourite picks. This. is not just beautiful to look at, but also superfunctional. It offers huge storage drawers and you can easily use it as a study desk, as the surface of the table is large enough to accommodate all your work related items. Furthermore, add a golden rim mirror on the wall to make use of this desk as a dresser.

13. Hombazaar Industrial Wine Rack Table with Glass Holder | Metal and Wood

This wine rack console table has a specific purpose that fits in small spaces. You can showcase your wine collection, and it also allows you to store your wine glasses. Also, this space-saving floor wine rack console table design fits well in a corner or against the wall, living room, dining room, or near a bar area, for easy access to serve guests.

The multifunctional wine bar table is great for pouring drinks, serving appetisers, opening bottles and wine buckets, while an open storage compartment and stemware rack keep your favourite red wine within arm’s reach.

How To Choose The Right Console Table?

The market is filled with hundreds of console table designs, hence it gets tough to choose the right one. Do not just buy a desk because you like the design but also step-by-step figure out if it is the right fit to your home decor as explained below.

  1. Figure out where you wish to place the table.

    You should be clear about the placement of the table. It could be the entryway, living room, passageway, study room or bedroom.

  2. Note down the measurements.

    Pen down the measurements to make sure that the table you choose will fit into the available space perfectly. The height of the table is an important factor as it is best if the table is levelled against existing elements such as the bed or a couch.

  3. Understand the functions you need the console table for.

    You should be clear why you wish to buy the table. Is it to display your art, use it as a study table, to store items or as a wine storage table? Different types of the console table are available, choose one as per your functional needs.

  4. Know your design taste.

    Console table comes in different styles like classic, vintage, modern, contemporary or traditional. Know your style and also make sure that the style you choose complements your current decor.

  5. Choose the table material.

    Some common materials used to design console tables are wood, metal, MDF and glass. They offer different looks, strength and durability. While a good quality wood lasts longer, they are expensive. MDF may not be very durable, but considerably cheaper. Glass console tables add a glam to the room decor while metal gives a modern and sleek look. Think about the cost, durability as well as the final look of the room before you choose one.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why console tables are used for?

Console tables are perfect for narrow spaces like entryway or hallway owing to its unobstructive presence. They can be used to display your decorative items, as bars, desks or vanities.

2. Where do you put a console table?

A console table can fit into a lot of spaces in your home such as the entrance, hallway, living room, behind the sofa, study room or the bedroom based on its functionality.

3. How do you style a console table?

You can use your creative side to accessorise the console desks with oversized pieces of art, live planters, candle or vase. You can also light it up by adding beautiful lamps or spruce it up by placing memorable pictures of you and your family. Style it such that it reflects who you are.

4. Can a console table be used as a desk?

Yes, a console table can be doubled as a desk if you choose a design which is multi-functional for this purpose. However, the console desk width will be lesser than the usual study desk, which means placing it in your dedicated home office as a study table is not a long-term solution. It is best if you wish to use a desk that has a small footprint, especially in a house which does not have a lot of space to fit in a separate study table.

5. What is the standard console table height?

The thumb rule is that the console table should be higher than other living room tables and the height varies somewhere around 30-33 inches.

6. Can a console table be higher than the sofa?

The console table placed behind the sofa should not be higher than that back of the sofa. This is the standard design rule which you should take into consideration while purchasing a console table.

A console table is not just a display piece but also a versatile and multi-functional piece of furniture which has become essential. It is a great place to display your decorative items, create extra storage space, stash your keys or do your office work done from home.

Looking for more study table options? Check out our latest home office desk picks to do work from home.

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