Bollywood Inspired Bridal Lehenga Looks in 2021

Do you love Bollywood weddings and bridal outfits? We have carefully picked for you Bollywood inspired bridal lehenga trends in 2021.

Do you love Bollywood looks and are inspired by the bridal outfits from Bollywood weddings? Here are 13 inspiring Bollywood inspired bridal lehenga trends in 2021.

1. Bridal Red

Red has always been any Indian bride’s favourite colour as the loud colour speaks to everyone that you are the bride and it is your day. You can go for a bright red colour for a vibrant look or opt for a much darker maroonish shade that defines royalty. Though this is an age-old tradition, this look has not skipped the bridal lehenga trends list in 2021.

2. Bridal Pink

The colour pink that so strongly defines a specific gender and is the favourite of many ladies out there still is a great choice of colour for your wedding outfit. Moreover, you have many shades of pinks to choose from, starting from powder pink, hot pink, and bright shades of pink.

3. Soothing Pastel

We have seen the trend of pastel colour becoming a hit in the last few years. Especially brides who mainly do not enjoy loud looks would love to explore this trend as pastel is soothing to the eyes and suits almost all skin tones.

4. Ivory Bride

An ivory based lehenga that comes with gold and silver shades is just what you may need this season. Honestly, white is the wedding dress colour in western countries, and many brides prefer to mix both cultures. Further, let’s be honest, white does represent purity, and the colour itself has a positive vibe to it which many brides may prefer over loud shades.

5. Satin Lehenga

While pure silk may get expensive, satin silk is always that rich alternative any bride may give a try. Satin adds that luxurious effect to the outfit, making the fabric shine and giving you that extra bling you wished for on your wedding day.

6. Summer Bride

As you get married during summer or spring, you would definitely not opt for heavy bridal wear. Instead, flowy summery fabric and patterns will make you feel comfortable in your attire and set the right mood as per the season.

7. Grey and Silver Lehenga

Siler and grey lehengas are widely trending this year, and we are not surprised. It’s not just elegant but also subtle and still makes you stand out. You can pick this colour for your reception outfit, and you will never regret this decision.

8. Self-colour Thread Work Lehenga

We had to mention this look on our list, especially after Mrs Jones made it so trending as she looked like a million-dollar on her wedding day. You can also opt for a different colour other than red as per your taste.

9. Contrast Lehenga

Bored of just opting for one colour wedding dress? Well, who said you have to stick to only one shade? You can always opt for a contrast lehenga with a different coloured blouse, bottom and maybe dupatta.

10. Minimilistic Lehenga

Too much bling and glam are not what all brides choose. Every bride has a different taste, and few just love to look simple on their wedding day. You can still stand out with simple bridal lehengas. Minimalism is the motto for this year, and it is also true for bridal lehenga trends in 2021

11. Art Silk Lehenga

Silk is the fabric that brides love to choose as it simply speaks royalty. But the material is costly, hence difficult to afford by Brides. Art silk is an alternative that is cheaper but looks exquisite, anyway.

12. Banarasi Silk Lehenga

While Banarasi silk is famous in India as the fabric of sarees, lehengas made out of it looks equally elegant. The shine of the material is so prominent that you need no embellishments to make it outstanding.

13. Embroidery Lehenga

Embroidery aesthetically beautifies a bridal lehenga, and these lehengas have existed for years. Types of embroidery vary from Zardozi, Resham, Zari, Gold and Silver based on your preference. This is a traditional Indian lehenga outfit is a must-have if you are a traditional bride.

Which bridal look inspired you the most? Comment and let us know below. Also, do check out the latest party wear lehenga styles in 2021.

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