These are the Healthiest Olive Oil Options to Choose From!

Buying the best olive oil in a store is a task one avoids. That's where we help you with the best of best olive oil in India for cooking!

Happiness is when you find monosaturated fats and antioxidants in the oil you come across on the shelf at a supermarket. And we’re pretty sure that oil is none other than olive oil! Making a pick from all the different ones in a store is a task one avoids. That’s where we come in, suggesting you the best of the best olive oil for cooking in India!

If you are a fitness freak, you must have spotted the benefits of olive oil in an ample number of places. Olive oil is known to prevent many ailments, is good for weight loss, and is excellent for moisturising your hair and skin as it is a rich source of vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants.

In fact, as olive oil is rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, it is highly recommended if you are on a weight loss journey or during the Keto diet along with the right LCHF (Low Carbohydrate High Fat) food intake. If you need help planning a Keto diet for Indian meals, go through our best Indian low carb Keto Diet meal Plan for weight loss, a complete guide for Indian Keto dieters.

While we read a lot about olive oil’s benefits, most of us ignorantly pick a renowned brand’s product and start using it. Yes, olive oil offers several benefits, but if it is used the right way. Many of us are unaware of the different types of olive oils present, let alone understand how each type should be used for different temperature cooking.

Hence, we have listed here various types of olive oils to choose from. We have also explained how you can use each of these oil types for Indian cooking.

1. Extra virgin olive oil

This is the most expensive variety and the purest as well. Extra virgin olive oil is completely unrefined and has the highest quality amongst all the types. It is extracted using the cold-pressing method to prevent any alteration of natural content and aroma.


  • It contains the lowest acidity levels as compared to other types of olive oil.
  • It is rich in antioxidants.
  • Has the highest amount of vitamins and mineral amongst all types.
  • It is comparatively expensive than other types of olive oils.

Where to use?

Virgin olive oil has a very low smoking point, which means it could burn even if you used it to cook at a very low temperature. As per experts, the vitamins in the olive oil get destroyed even if you use it just for sautéing vegetables. Use this oil to dress your salad, add it to some of your bread dips or drizzle it on top of cold dishes.

Best Brands of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in India

a. Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Best olive oil in India

Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by strict processing of olives (with the temperature being maintained below 27 deg C while making an olive paste) through a cold extraction process which ensures its great flavour and nice aroma, with all its health benefits intact.

b. Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Best olive oil in India

The superior flavour that you experience while dressing using this oil comes from the first pressing of the finest olives. You can turn your boring healthy meals into a mouth-watering affair with salad dressings, dips, marinades and chutneys prepared in the goodness of Figaro extra virgin olive oil.

c. Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil

best extra virgin olive oil

Made from pure, cold-pressed olives; with a noticeably darker colour and no added preservatives, Borges has come up with the healthiest and the best extra virgin olive oil you can get! Spain has graced us with this, and it became a huge nutritious substitute for butter or ghee. Be it salads or dressings, Borges doesn’t fail to bring a captivating taste to your table. Best olive oil for cooking in India? We bet this is the one you’ve been searching for.

2. Virgin Olive Oil

After extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil is the purest and unrefined, which means no additional chemicals or heat is used to extract the oil. It is extracted by the cold-pressing method, which means you will get a more natural aroma than the aforementioned types.

Virgin olive oil has slightly higher oleic acidity levels than extra virgin oil, which is the only difference between the two.


  • It contains slightly high acidity content which should be around 2%.
  • This olive oil type has a milder taste as compared to the extra virgin type.

Where to use?

Virgin olive oil can be used for sautéing vegetables, baking and other low heat cooking. It is not recommended for deep frying, as it has a low smoking point. This type of olive oil is also great for body and hair massage.

Best Brands of Virgin Olive Oil in India

a. Sol 100% Spanish Olive Oil 

Best olive oil in India

Did you know Spain’s geography and climate with extensive mountain slopes, mild or cold winters, and long, hot summers are ideal for olive cultivation? This is why we recommend you to experience the aroma, goodness and benefits of Spanish olives with Sol Olive oil, which is made in Spain from the highest quality of Spanish olives.

3. Refined Olive Oil

Refined olive oil is the one you commonly find in grocery stores. When the acidity level of olive oil extracted is greater than 3%, it can no longer be called virgin; hence it is sent to a processing plant where they are refined and hence the name. The process includes heat, filtration and using chemicals; hence they are no more virgin. This is much inferior to the ones we had seen above; hence, it does not contain olive oil’s original taste or aroma.


  • Does not have any flavour or aroma.

Where to use?

These are suitable for cooking but cannot be used to dress salads as they lack olive oil’s original aroma.

Best Brands of Refined Olive Oil in India

a. Saffola Aura Refined Olive Oil

Saffola Aura comes from the house of Marico, the makers of leading brands Saffola and Parachute. Obtained from high-quality Spanish Olives, it can be used for Indian cooking owing to its high smoke point.  

4. Pure olive oil

Although the name suggests that this form of olive oil is pure, in reality, it is not. Pure olive oil is a blend of refined and extra virgin or virgin olive oil. The virgin olive oil is added to it to improve its quality. As it is not 100% virgin, it is lower in nutritional value than virgin olive oil.


  • Lacks flavour of virgin olive oil.
  • A very small amount of nutrients are present that comes from the addition of virgin olive oil.

Where to use?

This type of olive oil can be used for cooking, but it is not preferable as it has a distinct smell while cooking, which may not be appetising for many. You can use it to apply on your scalp or skin instead, as it is useful to get rid of dandruff and dry skin.

Best Brands of Pure Olive Oil in India

a. Rafael Salgado 100% Pure Olive Oil

Best olive oil in India

Rafael Salgado is a regular supplier of olive oil to the Spanish royal court; hence the quality is assured. Apart from wonderful taste and aroma, it is enriched with vitamins, has a high dietary and preventive value, actively prevents cardiovascular diseases, and favourably affects liver activity and digestion. Their extraction process is such that it retains the chemical and biological characteristics of the olive and has an acidity level of not more than 1 per cent.

b. Solasz 100% Spanish Pure Olive Oil

Solasz olive oil is extracted from hand-picked olives in Spain. It is ideal for massage and hair care. Apply it overnight on your face for glowing skin, or use it as a moisturiser. This aromatic, non-greasy and fast-absorbing oil makes it an ideal choice for skincare and haircare routines.

c. Disano Pure Olive Oil

Disano’s contains antioxidants and strong anti-inflammatory powers. As a result, making it “the olive oil” with all the benefits one can acquire from said oil. It also acts as a healthy massage for babies. Using it for cooking does more than being healthy, our reviewers have mentioned. With being a light substitute, it, therefore, does its best to reduce any threat of many chronic diseases.

d. Figaro Pure Olive Oil Tin

Best olive oil in India

Amongst all the others in this list, Figaro olive oil has a lot of beauty benefits. It’s the only good stuff your scalp would need, along with a warm massage. Not only does it keep your hair knot-free, but it also makes sure to kick off all dandruff. The dry weather might decide to go all out on our hair. Keep calm and pick up a bottle of the Figaro olive oil to make this winter’s harshness go away. It’s a good thing we’ve found a god-sent gift for winters. From Mediterranean valleys to your home, rescue is one click away, thereby making this the best olive oil for cooking as well!

5. Extra Light Olive Oil

The term extra-lite or extra-light is usually a good thing when describing a consumable product as it indicates low calories. But when it is used for olive oil, it does not mean the same. Calories in extra light olive oil are the same as the usual olive oil types. The term light here indicates a lack of flavour or colour as it is an inferior type of olive oil which is much cheaper than the virgin types.


  • It is low in nutritions
  • It lacks the fruity flavour of olive oil.

Where to use?

Extra light olive oil is excellent for baking or any booking where the fruity flavour of olive oil may be intrusive.

Generally, the term “lite” is taken as low in calories, but it’s not the same case with olive oil. Lite olive oil is actually a very low grade of olive oil. It has the same amount of calories but is low in nutrition’s, taste and aroma of olive oil.  Light or Lite olive oil is suitable for cooking or baking, where the fruity olive flavour would be objectionable.

a. Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil

From being a trusted ally in your kitchen to being a good subsidiary for your skin and hair, Bertolli’s Extra light olive oil is the one thing you would not regret having in your kitchen. To summarise, monosaturated fats are all that you’d need to keep heart-healthy furthermore, making it the perfect pick for the health-conscious. For the most part, as olive oil isn’t associated with weight gain or obesity, using it in your food not only makes it a perfectly healthy substitute for butter, ghee, vegetable & refined oils. 

b. Disano Extra Light Olive Oil

DiSano has yet introduced another version of Spanish olive oil with zero cholesterol, low saturated fat, and high in healthy fats. Its extra light aroma and flavour is perfect for cooking and baking as it does not change preparation taste.

c. Del Monte Extra Light Olive Oil PET

Best olive oil in India

Del Monte is an international brand that has introduced this olive oil, keeping in mind Indian cooking habits. Many reviewers have switched from Borges to this brand because the quality is similar and lower in price.

6. Olive Pomace Oil 

This is the lowest quality of olive oil, as it is extracted from the remaining residue after the olives are pressed for the first extraction. As the fruit is pressed the first time, they leave a residue that consists of oil and water. The water is separated from the oil to extract the oil. The residue still contains some oil that is extracted by the use of heat or chemicals. Hence, the quality is really low, which is not very useful. Thereby, it is mixed with virgin oil to improve quality and is the cheapest of all the olive oil types.


  •  It contains none of the nutrition of olive oil
  • It lacks taste and aroma of extra virgin olive oil.

Where to use?

This type of olive oil is suitable for Indian high heat cooking. Please do not use it to dress salads as it has no fragrance or taste of olive oil.

Best Pomance Olive Oil in India

a. Del Monte Pomace Olive Oil 

Del Monte pomace does its work by extracting the oil from olive after the first press, making it extremely subtle in its aroma and taste. Being both flavourful and fragrant makes it one of the best olive oils for cooking on this list. It isn’t overwhelming over the food that is cooked using it and has a high smoking point, perfect for preparing Indian food. Reviewers have especially recommended Del Monte pomace for preparing pizzas and pasta!

b. DiSano Olive Pomace Oil

Best olive oil in India

Obtained from High-Quality Spanish Olives, DiSano Pomance olive oil is ideal for frying and deep-frying. It is ideal for all Indian Cooking as its extra light aroma and flavour do not change preparation taste.  It has a high smoking point, which makes it ideal even for deep frying. Further, if you are a healthy eater, this oil is less absorbed in food, ensuring a low oil intake. All in all, you can prepare all types of cuisine using Disano Olive Pomace Oil.

Particularly keeping the health factor in mind, we’ve made sure to not compromise on the suggestions in this list. Go ahead and pick the one you like because a delicious dinner is just on the page above! Are you looking for some Salad Dressing while preparing those salads? Have a look at the collection!

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