Choose the Right Dog Bed for Your Fur Baby- Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you love your best buddy? Give your furry friend the gift of a sound sleep by choosing a bed from our list of best dog beds.

As a dog owner, I know I want to offer the best for my fur baby. This is true for everyone; hence apart from essentials like food, water and hygiene, a good dog bed is also an important item on the list. With hundreds of options available to choose from, it may become a tough choice to decide amongst the best dog beds. Further, your furry friend trusts your judgement; hence, you cannot go wrong.

Before we go any further, let us understand the types of dog beds available in the market.

1. Orthopaedic Foam Dog Bed:

Orthopaedic dog beds are your best bet when your dog is suffering from a hip joint issue. This type of bed can make a huge difference and help reduce their joint pain significantly. These beds offer the right neck and back support, too, making their nights more comfortable.

2. Pillow Dog Bed:

This bed type does not have a raised edge and resembles a pillow. This is an easier pick as there are no bells and whistles. They are suitable for dogs that like to stretch and sleep. They work best for large and medium-sized dogs.

3. Sofa Dog Bed:

Suppose your dog is like mine, who loves to nap on the sofa. Getting them their dedicated sofa bed might do the trick. The raised sides make a good neck resting place; hence they find this bed really comfortable.

4. Portable Dog Bed:

If you are looking for a portable dog bed that you can carry along during travel, this bed is the best buy. It can be reassembled where ever you go. It comes with a cover if you set it up in the outdoors to protect your dog from the sun or cold.

5. Donut-Style Dog Bed:

Donut dog beds are preferable by smaller breeds such as Beagles and Chihuahuas as they prefer to curl up and sleep. They are made in the shape of donuts, with the raised sides providing extra comfort during the night.

6. Cave-Style Dog Bed:

Dogs enjoy their own hiding spots, which is why this cave styled bed can be what your dog really enjoys. This will comfort them and also make them less anxious.

7. Elevated Dog Bed:

During summers, dogs are not comfortable sleeping on their usual cushion beds. This elevated bed can just be the right choice if you want to switch your dog’s bed in the summer. This is also foldable, which means you can pack this up during winter.

8. Outdoor Dog Bed:

If your dog rests outside during the day, a covered bed is your only choice. This elevated bed with a canopy protects your canine from the sun and the rain.

9. Day Bed:

I had to add this to the list as I got this bed a few months back, and my puppy enjoys it. This is not a night bed but a day bed. It is waterproof, lightweight and easy to move around. I place it near my sofa while watching TV when she enjoys her Kong treat on this bed. As it is waterproof, I can easily wipe the top off, which keeps it clean.

Best Dog Beds Buying Guide

While we have mentioned all dog bed types above, you may still be confused about what to choose. Well, every dog has its own individual needs, and no one bed would fit all. You need to take into consideration several factors before finalising one.

1. Size:

You cannot go wrong when it comes to picking up the right size for your dog bed. A too large-sized bed will occupy more space in your house, and if you get something your dog is going to outgrow soon, you are just wasting money. There are plenty of dog bed size charts online when you shop; hence, you cannot go wrong there.

When in doubt, you can ask the seller for the best-sized bed for your dog breed and get one. If your dog likes to curl up and sleep, you can get one that is a little larger than her size, but if your furry friend likes to stretch out, then add a few more inches as a buffer. Remember, do not buy a bed based on the puppy size but a bed they can use when they grow up, as your pup is going to become large just in a few months.

2. Material:

The material of the bed is probably the most important thing, as your dog may not use the bed if it is uncomfortable. If you have a senior dog, an orthopaedic dog bed is your best bet. For dogs who like to sleep on cold surfaces, a cot bed may be the one they would like the most.

3. Chewing Protection:

Most dogs are chewers, especially when they are teething. You do not wish to get an expensive bed that gets destroyed in a day. Better go for a chew-resistant bed that can withstand all the harsh chewing. A trick that has helped me save my expensive dog bed from my puppy chewing is I used bed covers to cover her bed. She has tried chewing the cover but could never destroy her bed.

4. Maintenance:

It is not a secret that dogs are collectors of dust and dirt. This means the bed will get dirty really soon. It would help if you chose a practical bed which is easy to clean frequently. A bed with a removable cover works for the bed as you can machine wash the cover and put it back. But if your dog still has bathroom accidents, better get a waterproof bed, or you can separately purchase a waterproof fabric to cover the bed till they are potty-trained.

5. Anti-Skid Base:

If you have an active dog who likes to play on its bed, make sure the bed you choose has an anti-skid base to keep it from sliding.

6. Aesthetics:

This may not be an important factor for many, but you should definitely think about it. Remember, the dog bed is a permanent fixture at your home. You would want the bed to look good along with your interiors. The colour scheme should be such that it flows with the home decor.

7. Portability:

You need to consider this if you travel a lot with your dog. The usually sized dog beds may not fit inside the cargo crates in aeroplanes. Similarly, a heavy bed may be difficult to carry around while you travel. If an easy to carry bed is your priority, then look for a collapsible light weight bed that is easy to carry.

8. Cost:

A few good dog beds, such as the one with memory foam, may cost higher than others. You should always buy a bed that is best for your dog but comes within your budget. If you have a puppy, do not invest in an expensive bed. Start with something cheap, as your puppy will be determined to chew it off. Also, you will understand the type of bed that will suit your dog. This gives you the buffer you need to buy the right dog bed for your pup.

Best Dog Beds FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do dogs really need a bed?

Obviously, they do. While they can take a nap anywhere, you would certainly want your fur baby to have its own spot.

2. What’s the best dog bed to buy?

We cannot put our fingers on one bed as different dogs love different bed types. Learn your dog’s preference before you choose one. Our buying guide will definitely make the process easier.

3. Where Should I buy a dog bed?

You can easily buy one from a pet store near you, but honestly, from my personal experience, pet stores do not carry all dog bed types in India. The best dog beds are available online on Amazon, and it is really convenient to order from there.

4. What dog bed is best for arthritis?

Without a doubt, get an orthopaedic bed for your dog who is suffering from arthritis. The foam supports the joints, and they will feel relieved lying on their bed.

5. What dog bed is best for a puppy?

Honestly, puppies really only care for a bed that is fun to chew on. Best get a pocket-friendly bed which may need a replacement in some time. You can also opt for a chew resistant dog bed. My bed could withstand the chewing stage of my puppy. These beds can be expensive hence purchase one based on the adult size of your dog breed.

6. Which calming dog bed is the best?

Beds that are soft and extra comfy let your dog sink into the bed, so they feel like they are cuddled and are the best calming dog beds. Raised edges of the bed will make them feel safe and secure, and the fur fabric will make sure that they do not feel alone.

7. Can a dog bed be washed in a washing machine?

It really depends on the bed you pick. A few beds can directly be washed in the washing machine, whereas others may direct you only to wash the removable top fabric. Read the washing instructions carefully so that you do not damage the bed. A simple tip is to cover the bed with a soft bedsheet that can easily be washed. Hence the bed will last long.

8. Does Ikea have dog beds?

This is an interesting question I have been asking myself. But, the reality is that while Ikea offers amazing products at a very reasonable rate, they do not have any pet supplies yet, not just in India but even internationally. Currently, sticking with Amazon is your best bet.

9. When to wash the dog bed?

It is a good practice to wash the fabric on top of the bed in 1-2 weeks. You should vacuum the bed 2 times a week. Also, if the bed is stinking or looks dirty, it is time for a wash.

10. What size dog bed do I need?

Your puppy is going to grow really soon, so know the full size of your dog’s breed and buy a bed that is suitable for the full grown version of your dog’s breed.

11. Why dog pees in bed?

This could be because your dog is anxious or not potty trained. It could be a medical condition too. Puppies sometimes pee on the bed to make it cool if they are feeling hot. My puppy did the same till the time she preferred to sleep on the floor. As she got used to her bed she stopped doing it.

12. Why is my dog scratching the bed?

Scratching the bed maybe your dog’s way of marking its territory and communicating to other dogs that it is their resting place.

13. Why do dogs dig into bed?

This is a general dog trait which they also do in the wild to find a comfortable sleeping position, and there is nothing unnatural about it.

14. Why should I choose an elevated dog bed?

If your dog does not sleep in its regular bed, this may be due to the fact that he is feeling hot. Use a cooling mat on the bed to make your dog comfortable. An elevated bed is also a great option which will keep your dog cool.


Every dog is unique hence you should choose a bed based on what would suit your dog’s needs the most. You may end up getting more than one dog bed in order to find the right one.

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