Best Bed Tables That Are Functional and Fab in 2021!

Modern bed tables can add the perfect touch of functionality and elegance to your bedroom. Choose the best bed table online in India.

Modern bed tables can add the perfect touch of functionality and elegance to your bedroom. The best bed table makes it convenient and comfortable for you to work, eat or read while you are snuggled up comfortably in your bed. Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic time, the number of people working from home has tremendously increased. This, in turn, means that most of them had to set up their office space at home by setting up the right-sized table and an ergonomic chair to prevent back or neck pain. Many bed-oriented people enjoy working or doing other activities like eating or watching their favourite show on Netflix. Which is why you are going to want the best bed table available online in India to add comfort.

Whether you need a study table or a laptop table for bed, you can work from home while you are snuggled in your bed, or you just are hoping to have a lazy breakfast on an over-bed table, we have found the perfect bed table for you to wake up to. To help you find the best bed table online in India, we have put together some amazing options.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Perfect Bed Table Online in India

While choosing a bed table online in India seems like an easy task, there are tons of options out there making the choice that much harder for you. Before you finalise the perfect bed table for your need, take into consideration the following factors:


Why are you looking for a bed table? Is it to work in bed, read in bed, eat-in bed or all of the above? The purpose for which you are purchasing the table will determine the kind of table you finally end up buying.


While getting the biggest table is what most people prefer but let us be honest, you do not need a very large table to accommodate your 14-inch laptop and a mouse. You may love to find more table space to fit your smartphone and a cup of coffee, but be wary of the space where you need to accommodate the table. The larger the size, the tougher it gets to store and carry the table around. Assess this factor before you finalise your bed table size.


Every individual has a different style and colour preference. You may wish to purchase a bed table online in India that matches with your current home decor. Be it classic wood designed table, modern plastic and metal table or a combination of both, buy the one that best matches with your taste.


This may not seem a factor that you will immediately consider, but trust us, it is an important factor as well. Remember, bed tables are portable, which means you should be able to carry it around in your home easily. If you purchase a bed table online in India that is too heavy, you may end up fixing it in one place as it becomes inconvenient to carry it around. If the table is heavy, check if it has a built-in handle that makes carrying it around easier.


Most people buy a bed table to use it for different functions. Luckily, several manufacturers have taken that into account and have come up with a bed table designed that can be used for more than one function. The options we have mentioned below cover tables that can be used for working, reading, eating and even gaming when you are sitting on the bed or in a chair.

Once you get an idea of which option works best for you, scroll through our list of best bed tables you will find online in India and finalise the one that suits your needs.

Here are some of the Best Bed Table Available Online in India that are both Functional and Fab:

1. Portronics POR-704 Adjustable Laptop Table (Grey)


Fitted with a cooling fan, this laptop table for bed has sturdy legs, protective edges, and horizontal base give you the perfect support when you are working on an important project from home.

The retractable stoppers at the end make sure your pens and phones don’t go sliding off. As you kickback to do your most productive work on this foldable table, you can also adjust its height and inclination.

2. MemeHo Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table with Dock


An incredibly affordable option, this laptop table for bed is the perfect amalgamation of functionality and minimalism. Its curvy edges and foldable legs give you accessibility and comfort. Available in five colours, it is perfect for people who are just looking for affordable, strong and sturdy bed tables without too many extra features.

3. Callas Wooden Bed Study and Breakfast Table


There is no other better way to wake up than being served a delicious breakfast in your bed. This simplistic and natural bamboo constructed multi-functional bed table is ideal for serving food, working and playing games in bed.

The serving space is quite large and the bed table comes with carved handles for easy carrying Foldable legs for easy storage. No need to worry any liquid will spill out of the breakfast tray getting your sheet dirty as the surrounding tray lips prevent items from falling over. This breakfast bed tray is a great option for romantic couples who love to enjoy their meals in bed together while watching their favourite show on TV.

4. Flanker Foldable, Multipurpose


The highly functional bright blue coloured bed table has two sections — one can be lifted and inclined, while the other part remains flat, which is perfect for placing your phone, coffee mug or mouse. There is also a small drawer on the side where you can securely keep all your work essentials.

5. Nutcase Wooden Study and Breakfast Table


With the right balance of creativity and usability, this table for bed with a floral print on top is ideal to enjoy a perfectly beautiful morning and also to let your creative juices flow at work. This foldable bed table has a solid frame made with natural teak wood which provides a stylish and elegant touch to your home,

6. Webelkart Bamboo Portable Laptop Table


If you spend several hours on your laptop every day but hate the annoying noise of cooling fans, you should invest in a laptop table like this which has fan-shaped cut-outs, allowing natural cooling of your laptop.

A major portion of the table inclines where you can keep your laptop or documents. The other portion remains stable, and it has a coffee mug holder. The stylish wooden texture of the table only adds to the charm. Before you start working, you can also adjust the height according to your preference.

7. CureNext Metal Portable Laptop Table


With an adjustable height and a sleek all-black metal look, this laptop table for bed has a cooling pad which will make it the perfect addition to your bedroom office. Its unique zig-zag legs make it possible for you to adjust the table at any angle. So whether you want to sit straight on the bed or lie down, you will always have the support of this bed table. There is also a special tray at the edge to keep your mouse or your phone.  

8. Bluewud Riodesk Ace Engineered Wood Portable Laptop Table


If simplicity is what you are looking for in a study table for bed, then this will be the most optimum fit for you. The table has a wooden top that is wide enough for your laptop. There is also a small flap to keep your phone, which gives you easy access. It also means that you wouldn’t have to pick up your phone every time it rings.

With stainless steel legs, this is one of the most sturdy and durable bed tables you will find.

9. Pragati Systems Multipurpose Integrated Whiteboard & Laptop Table


Most of us have deadlines to meet every day and prefer to write down our plans and goals. What better way to do this other than writing your daily goals on the bed table you are using to work? This table is pretty simple however it has the most unique feature which we could not find in other bed tables.

Other than being used as a bed-table, this also can be used to take down notes as its surface is a dry-erase whiteboard which is 100% scratch resistance. This is lightweight and foldable design is not just easy to handle but also helpful in keeping your day organised. Furthermore, this bed table is functional with a hint of modern and clean design which adds to its aesthetic appeal.

10. Supreme Scissor Height-Adjustable Multi-Purpose Plastic Table


Less of a bed table and more of a complete table, this multipurpose plastic table can convert from a bed table to a floor table in no time as you adjust the table height with the help of criss-cross shaped steel legs which ensure its durability and longevity. If you are looking to buy a table for work from home to use it for a long duration, you should highly consider this as you get the best of both worlds for the price of one.

11. Benesta Multi-Purpose Laptop Table


Not everyone prefers their bed table to come with complicated adjustable features but that is ok. We have picked this perfect and the simplest bed table which has a classic design with a vibrant touch. This comes in four attractive colours to choose from. The tabletop is made of MDF while the legs are strong steel with powder-coated finish. Use it as a work table, reading table or a breakfast table as it stands stably on the bed, thanks to its steel legs and sturdy design. When you are done for the day, store them away safely under the bed or in the room corner by folding its legs.

12. Meret Laptop Table Wooden Multipurpose Table


With a beautiful wooden finish, this bed table has a top that lifts up, giving you the perfect angle to write or draw your heart out. There is a small wooden stopper at the edge to which protects your stationary from falling off. When you are done with your work, just bring the top down and fold the wooden legs of the table. It can be easily stored anywhere for another day of hard work. 

13. Laptop Lap Desk, Portable with Foam Filled Fleece Cushion, LED Desk Light, Cup Holder


If you are looking for a bed table that can be placed on your lap and be used as a desk then this multifunctional desk is the one you should choose. It is not just water-resistant but also includes a drink holder and a pen slot. If that was not enough, it also comes with an adjustable LED gooseneck desk light that makes it easy to read, write, or simply see the keyboard of your laptop. The light is also removable and comes in a convenient storage pouch on the back of the desk. Further, desk can be simply carried by you wherever you go as it is lightweight and comes with carrying handle which makes it perfect for travel.

Ready to be more productive when you work from home? Get a bed table online in India, and while you are at it, get a recliner chair to relax and unwind after a long day of work.

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