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10 Best Bedtime stories for kids

When the moon shines bright, it is time to read out bedtime stories for kids. After all, nothing else can help your child drift off into the world of dreams like a good story book.

Children love to immerse into the imaginative world created by kids books. Your animated reading of these books act like an icing on the cake for them. Not only will your cherish those moments for a long time, even after growing up, but it is also the best way for you to unwind after a long day at work.

In case you don’t have children’s books yet, we are here to help you get started. We have picked out some amazing children story books with heartwarming tales to cuddle them into sleep.

Here is our list of the top 10 best bedtime stories for kids:

1. 365 Bedtime Stories: Shop Now

If you are always worried about making up new stories to narrate to your kid, this story book will relieve you big time. This story book in English contains 365 short stories for each day of the year. That means, you don’t need to scratch your head everyday to twist the same old fairy tales. Moreover, the compilation of these fantasy tales will definitely ignite your kids’ curiosity levels.

2.  Goodnight Moon: Shop Now

Picking up toddler books can be a tough decision, but this one makes for a great choice. Regarded as one of the bestseller bedtime stories for kids, the book is packed with attractive illustrations. The story about a little bunny will help your toddler familiarize with his surroundings and other living beings in a better way.

3.  Fairy Tales: Shop Now

Children’s books

A good collection of children’s books is incomplete without fairytales. Combining classic tales such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, this English story for kids is a joyride. The wonderful illustrations in each of the eight stories make it even more interesting.

4.    Children’s Bedtime Treasury: Shop Now

Encompassing stories like The Lost Lion and The Magic Tree, this story book puts children to sleep easily. Told in captivating narratives, these 30 stories for kids with pictures are a sheer delight for both the listener and the reader. If you are specifically looking for a good picture book with engaging stories, it is a must have.

5.  Short Bedtime Stories For Children: Shop Now

Are you struggling to connect the dots of the bedtime story to your kids? Then this is one of the best bedtimes stories for kids. Crafted especially for kids between the age of four and eight, this book contains quick and short stories provide wholesome entertainment. The excellent graphics and easy language also help in cultivating the habit of reading in young readers.

6.   Peppa Pig – Peppa’s First Pet: Shop Now

Peppa Pig is one of the most popular children story books. The characters not only add a fun element to the stories, but the story also educates the kids. There  are wonderful pictures throughout this series of kids books to make kids more attentive. Moreover, the wonderful blend of rhymes boosts the young readers’ interest in reading.

 7.  A First Book Of Fairy Tales: Shop Now

Children story books

Reading books for kids is nothing short of an art. That’s why children’s books like this are pure treasure. Packed with classic fairytales, it proves to be a great fun and learn bedtime experience for kids below five years of age.

 8.   Goodnight, Little Bear: Shop Now

Story book

One of the best children story books with bears as main characters, this book turns bedtime stories into magical fun. The cute tales with beautiful pictures of bears and their mischiefs succeed in holding the attention of kids effortlessly. These tales are also available as online story books.

9.    Goodnight Gorilla: Shop Now

Kids books

This book introduces your tiny toddlers to a world of animals in the most engaging way, just like preschool books. The small story for kids with amazing pictures is also a pleasure for adults to read out loud.

 10.  Superbunny and the Peas of Doom: Shop Now

Bedtime stories for kids

The book is an ideal choice among the sea of bedtime kids books because of its entertaining narrative. The story totally gets the reader as well as the listener involved with its humourous twists and turns.

Now that we have listed out the best children’s books for you, which bedtime stories for kids are you setting your eyes on? While you are reading story books to your kids, you might need a comfortable recliner chair as well. Also, along with these bedtime stories, here is a collection of useful parenting books to enable you be a better parent.

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