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The best kitchen blender collection!

Now you don’t have to sit and frown on Pinterest recipes because we’ve come to make your job easier. Besides healthy smoothies and juices, a right kitchen blender helps in doing a lot of other things, whipping good cream and blending cookie mixtures, to name … Read more

Best dishwashers In India

Having a maid around is fine and all, but the skill of a dishwasher is not to be taken lightly. If you’re looking for good dishwashers and at a feasible dishwasher-price, in India, this is the right place. Even in a country like India, it’s … Read more

Selection of Children’s backpack

We’ve made schools as an integral part in our kid’s lives. But with every class, the number of books remain ever increasing. We’ve come to provide with efficient and attractive schoolbags for the same! Making sure that the kids don’t carry a heavy backpack so … Read more

25 latest kurtis

There’s nothing more admirable than someone who not only pulls off western culture on shoulder but also looks drop dead gorgeous in our traditional kurtis. What more when we have brought you a selection of said ‘latest kurti‘ in order to make sure you have … Read more

Best deodorant for men

First impressions are all that count, be it a date or an important interview. So when you smell nice, half the battle is already won! We’ve picked out the best Deodorants for men –for you to charm the Mademoiselles. While the best antiperspirants for men … Read more

Jumpsuits for women

Whoever thought that jumpsuits would go out of style needs to take a good look at their wardrobe and contemplate their fashion choices! Jumpsuits for women could never go out of fashion. We decided to cull out the most elegant ones out of hundreds of … Read more

Cheap bluetooth headphones

“Why do new gadgets have to be expensive?” Especially, since you’re looking for wireless headphones with a good sound quality. Well, it isn’t expensive anymore. Check out our selection of fifteen cheap wireless headphones, some of which will definitely make your pockets tingle with happiness. … Read more

Best Karaoke Machine

Why hum out tunes when you can have the mic in your hand and rock the floor entirely? With good bass and song-collection in your hand, we’ve brought you what can only be called as the “best karaoke machine” in town. Grandpas and grandmas – … Read more

Parenting books

The only other thing that’s extremely unpredictable apart from the weather is children. We all know how terrifying and complex our little loves can get, which is why we’ve brought you twenty good parenting books that would do everything to make your job easier. After … Read more

Best friend gifts collections!

gifts for friends

Want to randomly appreciate your “soulmate slash other half slash BFF” and are confused as to how to do it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Get your best friend all soft and mushy with these amazing best friend gifts we’ve picked out for you. HP … Read more

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